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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cold deck and collusion.

This is a belated post regarding Sundays trip to Luton which was a bit of a disaster. In the £50 rebuy i got a big stack early on after getting caught a few times then lost 8k of a 16k stack with AdQd on a Ac Jd 4d board after Pino (Walsall PL grand prix champ and relative donkey) re-raises me all-in with A7 on the flop. I obv insta and he spontaneously sucks out. Marvellous. I then lost a load more over-repping a hand into a station and finally shoved for 5k with blinds 400/800 with 97sooooted from UTG only for MP to dwell for eternity before caling with JJ. I have such a mixed image.

Played a little cash after and had an incredibly cold deck in a big pot that nearly made me puke. Table is utterly backwards, im opening with a £25 bet at £1/£2 and still getting 3 callers. Did this twice with cowboys, both time an ace is the very 1st card out. In the words of tony the tiger, grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttt. So i win a couple of smallish pots and then one a bit more substantial and suddenly im £400 deep in a donkey game where 4 donkeys have more. Happy days. I complete from the sb with 44 and see a sexy flop of Kd 7d 4c. I obv bet the pot and get 4 callers. Turn comes another K. OMG i love you god. I bet £140 hoing for action from the king, 2 callers, WTF? Is this the best result ever? River, 7. Fucking marvellous. Nearly choked on my sandwich. The others get it all-in, one with A7, other with K6. FFS its nearly a £1600 pot if the river doesnt touch perfect.

After a while the game started to really fuck me off. In a side pot, two freinds actually said to each other "what do you want to do? Check this down?" I got a bit cheesed and told em to stick it. Then a bit later, a guy checks behind on the river with the absolute stone cold kahunas. I went a bit off the rail at this point and fucked of to play DC, where PEP FONTANA pulled one of the sickest bluffs in 6 card Omaha. Wp. I got out of it on DC and went home a bit miffed as to how cunts can get away with collusion without having the whole table going nuts. I believe the expressin is alligator blood, these fuckers had replaced that with guinea pig piss.

Onlince iv been playing like a bit of a donkey this week, i cant really get into it unless 8 tabling at least. Does that smack of an ADD addled brain? I think so, so im having a break and going to Paris for a bit, i need to chill and get drunk with the missus, that'll sort me out.

Off to Luton tonight to hear M3 whine about his luck in the endgame of big tournies, donk off my chips and murder the HE game.


Blogger dibble said...

blimey mate - that sounds a bit crap. did no-one else on the table complain? can't behave like that playing poker - basically cheating.

as for that river 7, that is ****ing harsh. ul again.

I have trouble playing 2 or three tables never mind 8. full handed or 6? anyways, gl mate.

I'm off the cash tables for a bit and playing $20 stts on bsq and multis on stars. gl you and hope to catch you on msn at some point.


10:24 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Cheeky fucker!! "Whine" indeed lol

AND after I buy you a meal as well ?

No mention of your QQ fold face up to my re raise then ;) Good laydown m8.

Have a good weekend m8, come back refreshed.

1:16 PM  
Blogger snoopy1239 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:31 PM  

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