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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Meh. August has been utterly useless online, i have barely been paid in 2 weeks now. Luton cash games have given me about £1500 which is fortunate as iv probably done £600 in tournie buyins. September is going to be a really crucial month for me, hopefully i can keep up the hours whilst improving on a pitiful 0.29/BB rate. That should be comfortably at 4-5ish once i kill the anal loose nerve endings in my (left- lol, one for the biology ppl) cerebral hemishpere.

Also want to win a tournie or 2 at Luton this month, i am having real problems keeping focused when the 1st prize is so relatively small compared to the cash games but i want to get my confidence up before the Vic GUKPT where ill be having a shot. Really gonna go for it this month, i fancy Bali around xmas time but i want to go on a properly nice trip which means i need a spare £4k lying around. Objectives for the month

a) dramatically reduce my bluffing frequency (its already low but online its started to creep up recently), they simply are not getting through often enough.

b) play far more hands abc and get paid by level-up thinking players

c) win a 1/2 decent comp @ Luton

d) make £2k from online cash without a swing of more than £1500 or more.

Ok, poker over.

Just returned from Paris where i did the sightseeing stuff for a few days. I was actually quite impressed with the city, despite being given several warnings in advance that the place is a hole. Admittedly it smells a bit fruity in spots and the people can be utter arseholes but it was nowhere near as bad as some made out. The highlight for me was the Eiffel tower at night, ultimate cheese :)
Suzanne enjoyed it, but the hours she puts in during the day totally knackered me out. I simply cant be doing this up at 7, 9 hours walking bs. Im going back out in early august for a few of their comps at the Aviation club with some buddies, should be a giggle.


Blogger Spudy said...


Could you link me up please?


3:34 PM  
Blogger Pab said...

lol up at 7? wtf is 7 in the morning?

Gl for september, take it easy fella

1:02 PM  

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