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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sorry for lateness of response guys, been super buys. Cheers for responses Reevio, SimonG (sorry for not winning the 400 FO(*freezeout - had to edit this as i thought it looked lol) m8) and Baz. Obv these hands are a long way from my normal lines which is why i posted in the 1st place.

Hand 1 was obviously the most contentious. You pretty much all hated the play and most of the time i wouldnt take this line at all. I agree with yall that this is pretty dangerous vs an opponent that thinks about holdings. FWIW i do take this line with made biggish and monster hands sometimes Baz, like AA/KK i might make identical play occasionally, esp if table no longer respects my cbets.

But i dont think my hand is super important here vs a level 2/3 thinker. His hand is what im concerned about. Praise the lord he didnt have Bazclef's hand reading skills at least. Villains line was so super weak that i just didnt think he had a strong enough hand to call me once he flatted the cr on the turn. Obv he doesnt have QQ and Q10/10101 and 44 would see this guy all-in on the turn pretty much always, or at least giving me the ol min raise on the flop.

He looked like pretty weak money and once he "just" called the turn cr i figured he has to have KJ here a huge chunk of the time. The river shove is laying me 2/1 and i thought he could pass some marginal hands also QJ prehaps/ possibly even KQ which made the move ok v this opponent.

These situations are cropping up more and more often and i think that there is a big chunk of the online poker community that gives up repping hands too quickly. The players that cbet flops oop then give up the turn are disgustingly exploitable. Player dependant, 3 barreling is hugely valueable, esp with deeper stacks and ESP if opponent is a non-reg or a shortstacker that has spun up a stack. They tend to get convinced the further you go with the hand that actually he does have something.

Hand 2 was the one that shows how playing the player is vitally important. I screwed it up tbh by not watching villain for long enough. I watched him after this hand and obviously he is one of those customers that gives "valuetown" as his home address. As alluded to in your comments, the 3bet pre was too small. The cbet was too small and my hand-reading skills v this oppo were off. I did think he would fold a 10 here so included that in my shove but shouldnt have made it. Against most 1/2 decent regs i never get in this situation in the 1st place of course, but if i do it works a lot.

Hand 3, meh.

Also id like to talk about advertising here for a moment. I guess that lately iv been woken up a bit to how image affects your game at all times. Not sure if its sensible or not but i have been showing a lot more bluffs to tables lately, but normally the non-standard and fairly rare bigbluffs with air. I dont like showing the semi-bluffs that miss (for obv reasons) but feel that the metagame benefits of showing big gambling moves deffo improves action a whole heap more than when one $200 river shove gets called. SimonG said that he thinks you can give the impression of giving action without actually veering off too far but im not sure if thats the case with 6-max cash anymore. I think you actively need to get people turning off their TV to write "donkey bluffer" in the notes section. I learnt a long time ago that when a bluff goes wrong and you feel aggreived enough to turn off the computer rather than reload, you should stay seated at the table just to allow people to finish off their notes on you. Also there is a school of thought that you have to give action to get action. Regular opponents that play too tight wont get a penny out of me. There are certain opponents on ipoker (Turntable, Dr.Action, Fablouuff) that actually play poker and rep hands/draws and are generally aggravating. But once they know that you are capable of making big moves on them, calling them thin and cr the river w air they lay off you. And then you get to play TAG/WAP fish all on your own without fear of being outplayed. This is worth a whole heap more than half a dozen big bluffs going wrong over the course of the week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger reevio said...

I read this quickly:

"Player dependant, 3 barreling is hugely valueable, esp with deeper stacks and ESP"

And thought you meant E.S.P

If only....

1:30 PM  

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