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Sunday, December 16, 2007

A reasonable weekend. So far. Friday night was good but quite slow, this afternoon early evening was good. So good infact that i was a little silly and 16-tabled .50/1 for a while. People tell me its not poker and its not "morally right". Sod them. Especially on a saturday night, i really cannot be arsed with thinking poker and would rather have the screen running and clocking up money whilst watching Matt from Strictly come dancing cry his way to victory.

Ran pretty well for a while before someone pulled the plug. All changed in 1 relatively deep hand. I 3-bet fairly tight guy pre with KK. Guy posts on 2+2 and is generally too fancy, uses really weird lines and odd river craises. He flats and it comes A46 2 hearts. I lead he calls. Turn pairs the Ace which effectively turns my hand into the nuts in a 3-bet pre pot and also completes a heart flush draw. I check he overbet shoves for 150BB. I fold here (like a nit) a high % of the time v an unknown but somethign smelt wrong, i felt i could well be being floated on that flop so end up finding the hero. He has QQ and dings a Q on river. That tilted me a fair bit, but not enough for me to not log a decent win. I like this small stakes stuff lol.

Im noticing that a lag style doesnt get enough players to play streets with me, which is where they make the most mistakes. Frankly a slug could be taught preflop hand selection but its street play where these guppies dont have an idea. So iv started playing like an old timer a bit lately. Check raising sets on the turn, check raising my big hands on the river, just generally being even more of a nit. But its working ok. Leading out and praying the preflop raiser really has a hand just doesnt make as much as letting them 3-barrel or catch a pair on the turn. So its grandad stylee for the next week or so, should please the regs. Another little trick iv noticed (more at 1/2,2/4) is that flatting with big made hands on draw heavy flops can totally screw up your opponents ability to polarise your range. Obv opponent has to be relatively solid/abc so you are sure of his hand (3-bet pots pre from tight raisers is where it works well) so that you dont give free cards to lagtards but it does ensure you get a lot more of his stack in on the turn when he fires big again to push you off your draw.

Got an interesting one tomorrow. Firstly its footy for the 1st time in two weeks, hoping fitness will be good. Secondly no cigarette for 2 weeks now. Yipee keep it up. Thirdly its a 30k HU 128 runner comp @ the Luton G where ill be doing my damndest to win the 10k 1st prize. Or organise a big chop. I could use the money. No really this should be a great comp as iv seen the structure and there are only 3 or 4 players in Luton i think are better than me (not big headed, just truthful) so lets hope i go deep (n.b can you go deep in these comps?). Ok its 4.20am and iv just decided to turn the tables off for another Saturday night, ill let the drunks live.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

I take it one of the 4 players better than you at Luton won the 30G heads up comp?


Have a good Christmas m8.

10:21 AM  

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