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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Women. Im not entirely sure why but i told suzanne that id go to topshop on Saturday afternoon when i wasn't thinking str8 on Friday night. Went to Oxford circus after a late one @ G-luton and wow that place is my idea of hell. Had a lol moment though when whilst walking along in a slightly heated debate i said something like "how long is a womens 2 minutes?" to which some random black guy with a bird turned round to me and said "about 2 hours's". He knows the score.

Luton friday is a comp i never usually get going in, the lure of juicier cash games luring me away early on. But i played a bit differently on Friday and went deep, only to miss a cracking opportunity to bluff the chip leader and rueing it after that. With 2 1/2 large for 1st and £100 for 9th i was always going to be splashing about come bubble time but unfortunately i got felted by a nit, who limped after a limp 5 handed with 1010 and 7 big blinds. Marvellous. Couldnt put him on a hand :(

Played a bit afterwards and got bluffed by Anthony (sp>??) in a holdem pot where he actually had the best hand. But it doesnt change the fact that he floated me in position, called my 1st 2 barrels with air, then re-raised my third barrel with 8 high on a AAK310 board. El bastardo. One day ill make a beautiful play against this guy and have his head spinning, for now ill have to wait till he stacks off with 56sooooted v KK preflop. Also watched Mo Muse play a bit and he gets better everytime i see him. Only he can get a 200BB all-in bet preflop with KK paid off by A10. Of course the A hit but its not the point. I saw a cracking hand with him (that iv prolly already talked about) where on a board of 4c5c 9s he was asked to call a £300 bet into a £400 pot. He decided his oppo was ona flush draw and asked him if his Q high was winning. Eventually he called with Q8o which was beating 3c8c. Thats courage, but a bit too much like gambling for my taste.

Footy tomorrow and then im off to help peg out a shoot at my bud Toms place on Monday. Should be a cracking affair, we have 8 guns and 8 beaters plus 2 pickers up. Im gonna beat and let my old man try his ageing eyesight on some stonking pheasants. After that im gonna play a couple of the online comps tomorrow night before a hectic week. The GUKPT wrap party iv been kindly given an invite to, so ill go along and abuse Mickey for a bit about his sponsorhip deal and convince him to give it to me. Looking forward to the free bar and the BlueSQ boys getting me plastered, probably before saying can you please start to win again please.

Xmas cracker events lined up so far are the £100, £200 and £400 events provided i can run well in the runup. Dont want to play the ME unless i get a touch as its Xmas coming up and i need to get more money into the house fund and get those annoyingly expensive xmas pressies.

Ill post later this week.

Also, i think iv been being a bit of a tool with regard to people commenting on here. I see other (better) blogs with about 20 comments a post and always feel a little jealous, im shallow i guess. So from now on ill reply to all comments regardless, including and filthy whoring or link swapping buggers.

Finally. Iv copy and pasted this from a blog i read every month or so, the guy actually got me addicted to poker in the 1st place so i guess i owe (or he owe's ?) him something. Got me thinking of my own personal thoughts on overcrowding and global warming, which are on my other blog, which i usually write in half cut.

So, from Andy Ward's GIQ

"Now, what I want to link this to is the fact that, globally, there are some extraordinarily serious issues to deal with, and they need to be dealt with now. Climate change. Limited oil reserves. The general threat of overpopulation and resource shortage. Looming over all of these, the fact that we have wired ourselves up with enough nuclear hardware to take us all to hell a thousand times over. Worst of all, we've created a society where it's not in anyone's interest to incur short-term pain for long or even medium-term benefit. Which I'll come on to in a day or two, although if you have half a brain and half an eye open to what's happening, the parallels should be perfectly clear anyway."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really really need to start proof reading this junk before pressing publish. Its like reading the Sun after taking a tab.


1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you shoot animals for fun. You're hard.

11:24 AM  
Blogger SimonG. said...

The TT play I see a lot of in SNG's in even worse (more extreme) scenarios. With 1500 chips, plenty of people can limp in for 100 with 5,5 and can call the reraise behind for 1500 without a second thought, but somehow can't open up to 300 with a raise. Naturally a five is the doorcard each and every time..

9:40 AM  
Blogger reevio said...

They're trapping to make you raise them ;)

1:13 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

To the Anonymous poster, i think you and me should have a good long chat about the circle of life.

Reevio, LOL, beer me for that comment.

SimonG, i am contantly amazed at how low/midstakes tournament players have not yet learnt how important aggression is. Limp calling off 70% of your stack with KJ, no probs, shoving a marginal hand in the SB in a blind v blind coup, why?

7:08 PM  

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