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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Big Week. Thsi week could be the diffence between a bad 4th quarter and a decent one. One time please.

Online cash is going well at lower stakes but pretty poorly higher. Lost a chunky pot at 2/4 the other night quite deep with KK v AA. I have lost that ability i once had of knowing when to fold KK preflop but we were 5 handed and in the blinds im not sure i can pass for 150BB.

Online tournies been reasonably successful this week. Mainly using them to work on a few new ideas iv got that hopefully ill translate to live events. They are pretty valuable ideas tbh but effectively they come down to making lots of specific long-ball plays against average/good opponents a lot of the time almost regardless of hole card holdings. Played the 10k deepstack a couple of times to mimic the same situations and had some interesting results. Always comes down to the fact that your opponent must be good enough to pass if you are to bluff them. When it says they are French on ipoker, for christs sake do not even cbet.

Played the 350k on ipoker the other night also. Started with riverdave aka Mr. Dave Penley playing me like an absolute schoolboy and inducing a bluff with AK on a K56 with 2 heart board when the turn brought the 4 and the river the heart. Did 1/2 my stack on the second hand. I only realised after the hand (and he'd posted on blonde) that he knew who i was aswell. Oops. I then flopped quads with AA and got semi-paid and then had one of those dream hands that just look so sexy when you get them.

AA again after a raise and a call preflop. Im on the button, make a squeezy-sized raise, both call. Flop A92 rainbow. Check/check ok let them catch up a bit, not even the Italians keep 34 to a re-raise preflop right? Turn Q putting a flush draw out and its fireworks time. Opener bets, matey flats, i raise, opener folds, matey calls quickly. So im 70% he has J10 or 30% QQ,99,22 here right? River comes the 8 hearts. O sod offf!!!!!!!! He bets a small amount and im going into an overthinking mode and equity ranges against this guy, call or raise? I shove and he snap calls QQ. Sry bud.

So im up to (effective) 7.5k when blinds go crapshooty in a hurry. 450 left and button (20k solid, shown down little, positional raises) raises to 1600 @ 300/600 and SB (loose, flop happy) flats. Im in the BB with J4s and its thinky thinky time. 1600+1600 +900= 4200 in pot already. Im trying to think of reason not to play this hand here. So i jim jam for 7.5k more into a 4200 pot and button dwells for 0.21 secs before heartbeat calling with A8. AAx flop and im beginning to think my BB moves are costing me dear this year. Its the postion that gets the least re-raise respect as it is and then i compound it as my stack looks like a squeeze stack too. Donkey martin. Was a risky (but good) call from him and i hope i can play the guy again sometimes soon.

Went to the GUKPT and had a whale of a time. There's a hardcore group of poker players that really have a good time, i think the Welsh boys pretty well hold all the records wrt this. Dan, Robbie and their mate were doing the Vodka Luge's like they were going out of fashion. Was hilarious. Especially when one of the dealers got banned from doing anymore. After the party (where Flushy won worst dressed poker player..LOL) some chap took us to a club that he said was a cracker. Well it certainly was a "crack"er (sorry, im feeling purile) and after brushing past two topless blokes led me rapidly to the conclusion this was a gay bar. Still we had a good laugh, especially me and Butlin who got pretty drunk and got into the Gay VIP area where he was chatting up some bloke that looked like LeChifre from Casino Royale. LOL.

Luton comps this week kicking off with the 200FO and 400Fo. Then the ME, where im selling 50% of myself and then back home on Sunday for the Ecoop final. Please 1 time let me run super good this week.

Off to sleep now (its 10.30am) so im well rested for the evenings war and a lesson in chip accumulation that only Danny Sampson could rival in the G.


Blogger Bazclef said...

Nice blog sir, stay off my $100nl tables ;)

12:12 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Hi Alex,

Have read your blog for a while and its always entertaining and honest. Im putting links up on my blog now, so if you fancy swapping, that would be good.

Cheers Mark

2:48 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

God im an idiot at times my blog is http://longypoker.blogspot.com/

Cheers Mark (Longy)

2:49 PM  

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