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Monday, July 21, 2008

GUKPT online fessy this week ppl. Some great value with added seats to champ of champs tournament and 10k added to ME.

Havent been doing much lately as have been playing an awful lot and writing a lot for IP. Got my screen test for Skypoker later this week, i really like the setup there and would be chuffed if i could get a slot, so here's hoping i dont screw it up.

Anyway, i found this old poem of sorts about my grandad (Pat Kane). Just a fun little thing about him and his mates and their game of cards (i think money was involved).
Iv just copied it word for word from the original, i think editing the spellings would be an injustice.

"The Game of 25" (By Peter Kelly)

Its a fine Sunday morning
And im happy to be alive
As i make my way to the "Bird in Hand"
For the Game of 25

I always like to be early
For its a pity to be late
Id miss my place at the table
And my part in the famous "8"

Now ill put you in the picture
And name players one by one
But i want you to understand
That i intend to hurt no-one

Now on my left sits Patrick Kane
A man of some renown
He comes from a little place called Boyle
Not far from Roscommon town

He is the local builder
And roofer iv no doubt
For iv been in trouble many a time
And he kept the water out

Tom O' Connor comes from Sligo
Or is it Mayo?
Sure it is so long since he left there
That im sure he doesnt kno

He gets excited how and then
And we all have to look out
For he bangs the table with his hand
And spills your pint of stout

Now T.F Clarke a notable man
Im sure you'll all agree
He tells us yarns and stories
And fills our hearts with glee

The way he acts and the way he talks
You would think he was a hard case
But im sure you have heard him say
That he wouldnt send a wild duck on a wild goose chase

Next comes Mick Comerfod
The man who talks the most
Some call him the long fellow
Others the Holy ghost

He rears up and shouts a bit
And one feels like shouting back
But he's good at "25"
And you could say he's got the knack

Mixy Palmer comes from Kerry
A man of Fame you know
He made his name playing football
with Kerry long ago

He is a white collar worker
And fame follows him still
He is manager at the metal box
and resides at muswell hill

Con Mackay comes from Limerick
A famous hurling name
A relation to that illustrious one
who is now in the hall of fame

Con he was a plumber
And retired eventually
To live above in broomfield park
In the lap of luxury

Next comes Jim Comerford
The man who plays the game
If you make a mistake or mess about
You'll be sorry that you came

He'll argue the toss and make his point
And is a wonder to us all
Some say without him,
There would be no game at all

Kelly comes from Carlow
Some think that he is quiet
Out a bottle of whiskey infront of him
He'd talk and sing all night

He takes the game seriously
And thinks he knows it all
But personally speaking
I think he cant play at all

Of substitutes we have many.
Tis right that you should know
Big Cyril Cyril Peter Rogan & John Kelly
Theres another one called kelly
He too can give a verse
And as fro Tommy Ronan
He'll put you in your place
Then theres little Led
Pat Russel from Chommel
Tom Mullarkey Michael Campbell
Big Tom and George as well
And last of all theres Cassidy
The man from charlestown
But he lives up there in Southgate,
And its seldom he comes down.

Now if you should make a blunder
Or should lose the count
They'll advise you and chastise you
And they might even pull you out

And now the game is over
and its time to draw the line
We have won and lost for two short hours
Of god almighty's time
Its another week till we meet again
With God's help we'll all survive
And sit round the table once again
For the game of 25.


Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Where did you find the poem, I enjoyed it!

Also, I love the articles for IP, are you on a rolling contract or have you a set time for which you will be part of the setup?

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting.
My Dad is actually somehow related to the Mackay's from Limerick.
I used to have a hurley bat signed by the great Mick Mackay.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

25 is definately a game that should be on the net.
Maybe we should start a dedicated site for 25 and crib. It might be the next boom.
just so you know. It's Anthony of Luton fame.
The 2nd biggest donator after you.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

gl with the screen test
hope you get the gig

3:30 AM  

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