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Friday, May 02, 2008

what a load of absolute bollox. Ok i know Friday night are like the cash game players payday but tonight was unreal. Fuck poker. And i say that knowing my good mother read this. Luckily im managing my sessions and feel pretty stable at the moment despite some horrific outdraws and some even uglier call downs. I posted a (somewhat ridiculous) thread on blonde about the fact i was getting concerned about some of the plays players were making against me. It happened on perhaps 7 or eight occasions tonight. I guess usually a really odd hand happens about once a week for me (50k hands).

1st hand that was a real wtf moment. Almost identical situation (different suits but just the same) occured barely a minute later. I raise from button with KdQd $300 stack @ 200nl and get 3bet by a tag from the blinds. I flat. Flop comes 9high with two diamonds. He leads out small, i flat. Turn is an offsuit 9. He makes a weak bet, i move in. He has me slightly covered. He calls, with AK. Same table but a little bit later i cr a guy allin on the turn with a huge 15out draw. HE time down calls off $150 of his remaining stack on a 56910 two tone board with AK no draw. WTF?

the best shall be saved till last. I raise with Jc8c and flop comes 5c6cK. I cbet, he flats. Turn is a pretty 9h. I check (coz he said something in Norwegian to his buddy like "flotsa nikin" which i assumed meant "float nikinblinds" so im expecting a bet on the turn when i check. He obliges, i make a large raise, so like pot is 50 on turn, he makes 35, i rr the pot+ to like 125 and he calls. River is an offsuit jack so i bet and he calls. His hand, Q10o. Im punching the computer screen. Literally. Got that lump well up in my throat which is like my que to logoff before i tilt and i do the good thing and shut it down. But im getting really frustrated with all the absolute BS im seeing atm, i guess im prolly getting para after all the hacking scares but sometimes it just feels like ur on your own in this fucking minefield. -$600 for the night which is the worst friday iv ever had. Properly pissed.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

You shoulda come down Equal Chance and played the best structured comp in the uk m8!

2:19 AM  

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