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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Srsly wtf is going on atm. I sound like a whining old mare but hey, its my party and ill do what i want to. I cannot win a big pot atm, no matter what. I filter out the last big pots and its a fucking joke. I sucked out once with KK v Needlekings AA, which did feel unbelieveably good, but im doubting poker atm. The stress is hurting, i might play some live soon just to get away from the monotony.

WRT the comments before, read more of my posts tinca, already on the coaching bandwagon. Cheers Nakor, always nice to get some feedback. Amatay, coach me please :)I know i have some identifiable leaks, like waaaay too spewy when deep. The main leak i have is not knowing when to stop and just log a small win, rather than always going for gold and a 15bi day. Session length is way too long too so im working on cutting that down. It doesnt help that im just getting pounded by the cards atm, please swing round soon oh fickle variance monster.

KK v AK, ai pre, -400
KKvAQ on Q high board ai, Q river. -500.
555 v NFD , flush hits, -800
1010v AA ai on 10 high board, ace on river -600
Flop nuts w J10 v KJ on KQ9d board, q run run flush -400
1010 3b (32 from 8) pre from BB, villain calls, flop 1045monotone, allin, mateyboy has 3 high flush, yup, 23FTW!!!!!-400
3b AQ from button to 38 after utg opens to 10, mp calls, utg calls. Flop 5AQ, aiai, utg has 55.-400
999 v 45 on 923r board, -500

Seriously im giving up the will to live. I feel like a fucking punchbag.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


love ur blog tho mate - keep going plz!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Jesus, some horrendous beats there mate.

BTW, I 100% agree with your comments about short-stackers being the cancer of cash games! LOL

9:33 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

nightmares m8. i suck aswell anyway if it makes u feel better

4:13 AM  

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