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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tournament time.

After a bit of thought and discussion with a few ppl iv decided to play MTT's during the week and then only play cash on Fri/Sat nights, with possible sessions on thursday and sunday. Im hoping that it will keep me fresh, but mainly i just hope to break even and occassionally get a touch. With enough of a touch Vegas could still be on the cards.

Ill talk a bit of shite just to wind down for my evening.
Played my first full evening of mtts today in a Loooooong time. I remember now why they say mtt pro's are on suicide watch for about 1/2 of their playing hours. WOW!
I played low-mid stakes all on bluesq and the value was absolutely immense. The $50 rebuy looks to be a real steal but i reckon you need to spend about $300 in the rebuy and get a biiig stack to give a bit of insurance later. The smaller deepstack freezeouts (the $100 and $50 jobbies) were equally enlightening, with literally lol moments every 10 hands. Infact if it wasnt for the sheer volume of idiotic plays id have slapped myself.
In truth i was absolutely flabbergasted at the standard of play in the 8 comps i played. I didnt make any great shakes and thats pretty standard, obv huge variance in these things, but i did do a few things that were a little silly. I made a poor button jam in a satellite to the 50khighroller which was terrible if im honest with myself. I also hugely overestimated my opponents ability to fold a mediocre hand. In future, if their tag says France or Italy, im not making any kind of move.

Players seem to be in general (compared to my old mtt days of tribeca)..

a) plain bad at fundamentals. the standard in some of the rebuy comps late in the day was truly shocking. lack of starting hands/positional awareness, stack management. The list is endless.

b) willingness to gamble in traditionally exploitable stages. bubble play was incredible. Cold call 3/4 of your stack off with KJ. Yep sireeee, insta call that puppy.

c) incapable of folding. Fold equity is something that i use heavily (like anyone with half a brain cell does) and the resteal late in the day is a staple for stack building. But these gibbons cannot fold hands. In both the 20k rebuy and the 7.5k fo i busted on the bubble trying aggressive moves against late position raises when i had a healthy stack. Both times i was called very light without any thought on villains behalf (once with A7 v my junk for 3/4 of his stack and once with KJ v QQ which failed to hold miserably for the chip lead).

So in order to adjust to shite fields i will.....

a) get big stacks in the rebuy period by taking lots of calculated risks.

b) tighten up and bet heavier post rebuy. Cant play JJ aggressively v 4 callers on a K high board :(

c) completely eradicate the resteal with poor showdown potential hands. Unless i know opponent has a clue and is not just a standard batfuck donk i wint make marginal moves preflop v these guys. Its not smart

d) Value jam lighter preflop waaay more A9+/KQ+ hands gonna make up my rr range along with all 1/2 decent pairs. These donks want to keep calling with dominated junk, thats cool.

Lets see how we do tomorrow. I fancy this could be a big week :)


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