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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boring week. Worked long hours, won some huge pots and ultimately won nothing. Just didnt book enough wins and wait till the next day. Particularly annoying is when i run good and win like 2-3k in 30 mins, i feel compelled to stay for marathon sessions when eventually some monkey (normally tevje) does something which tilts me and i spew a load of money back. sigh. Moving into my house tomorrow, 90% of the stuff has been moved, the amazing oak flooring is down and i cant wait to get in to be honest, its gonna be phenomenal.

Went today to put the deposit down on my border terrier, she is an absolute beauty! only 3 weeks old and about 6 inches long, suzanne took 1 look at her and it was good game £500. To be honest i was equally smitten, we are calling her Pippa and getting here in 4 weeks time, ill write a long post then, suffice to say we saw her mum, dad and grandfather who are all stunning. The breeder has bred them slightly smaller (the line was formed orignally many years ago for hunting badgers in Scotland) and the grandfather in particular was incredibly handsome with a long bushy beard. They have amazing energy although they do have a slightly disturbing tendency to fight viciously with each other (like proper go at it and kill each other) so we will have to be very mindful obviously. The responsibility is kinda unnerving, god knows what its like to have a kid. I cant wait to take her out to be honest, do a bit of ratting with her and maybe a bit of long-netting if the rabbit population on our local shoot stays too bouyant.

Back on to poker, so a shit week in all, probably not playing too good over too many tables and also not abusing tag's pain thresholds enough, like if im gonna cr bluff the turn on a scary board and think that most of the time he cant call a river shove, dont bottle the fucking river. Also, a lot of work/life stuff has impacted on my focus, which needs to be good because without fail the games are getting tougher.

Anyway, here is one of the best hands i played all week, purely because it was a slightly complex puzzle, given i knew i was probably beating the shorty but that twojacks likely had tp with a better kicker or an overpair. Its not that interesting tbh, but at the time i was like wow i wonder if that did just happen and i got a hybrid bet to work perfectly in a multiway pot..... I decided against flatting the shorty on the turn because that would probably end up getting damascus commited by the river, so elected to bluff one guy with a superstrong line and valuebet/protect against another. Fun hand anyways. In reality twojacks probably had air anyways, but i tricked myself into being convinced id made him fold QQ, purely for ego.

** Hand # 2804942948 starting - 2009-08-30 06:44:53
** Cynwit [Hold 'em] (1.00|2.00 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

twojacks2 sitting in seat 1 with €250.90[Dealer]
damaskus169 sitting in seat 2 with €92.33
_HaMmerHead_ sitting in seat 3 with €386.90
NOB sitting in seat 4 with €0.00
Manix1983 sitting in seat 5 with €116.05
playeur1980 sitting in seat 6 with €568.15
damaskus169 posted the small blind - €1.00
_HaMmerHead_ posted the big blind - €2.00

** Dealing cards to _HaMmerHead_: Jh, 9h
Manix1983 folded
playeur1980 called - €2.00
twojacks2 raised to €6.00
damaskus169 called - €6.00
_HaMmerHead_ called - €6.00
playeur1980 folded

** Dealing the flop: Jd, 8s, 4h
damaskus169 checked
_HaMmerHead_ checked
twojacks2 bet - €10.00
damaskus169 called - €10.00
_HaMmerHead_ called - €10.00

** Dealing the turn: 4d
damaskus169 bet - €24.00
_HaMmerHead_ raised to €60.00
twojacks2 folded
damaskus169 called - €60.00

** Dealing the river: 9d
damaskus169 went all-in - €16.33
_HaMmerHead_ called - €16.33
damaskus169 shows: 6c, 8h
_HaMmerHead_ shows: Jh, 9h
_HaMmerHead_ wins €199.66 from the main pot

Rake: €3.00


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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