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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Poker post.

I swear to god the last two weeks have been so brutal it hurts. I never really listen to people when they talk about massive downswings and running bad etc, but good god. I am in the utter shit at the moment. I have failed to win a single race/flip or hold @ 500nl in about 2 weeks. I have logged a total of 3 winning days in that entire period. Im having enormous confidence issues, tilting like a mother fucker and generally hating life. The problem is im not really doing anything wrong. I mean sure iv probably tilted off like 5-8 buyins with spew. But the rest has just been a fucking joke. This one idiot on betfair (i wont out him) plays the most retarded stlye i ever fucking saw and seems to get the lot daily. His fold to 3b% is 28%. He 3b jams 100bb over a standard open b v b w AJo. Mind i guess his play is fairly standard when either flops a straight every other hand or else binks whatever ridiculous card he needs to get there. It makes me cringe to see him getting the absolute lot when right now i NEED the money pretty badly. Im not one of these poker guys thats had some sick mtt results to set them up financially, i dont make the tens of thousands every other poker player seems to make it quite frankly i feel sick. Last week i was close to crying myself to sleep. I know its just variance bla bla bla but right now i cant see the fucking wood for the trees, doubt every single decision i make and tilt like a baboon when some idiot luckbox from sweden decides to checkraise allin in a 3b pot w 99 on 1024cc for 250bb v 444 and get there. seriously. Please dear god i dont want a 10bb/100 winrate but let me regress to the mean.


Anonymous john said...

if nl500 plays like $3/$6, it is obv rigged :)

stick with it, when u see winning players post graphs with 500k hands in them, quite often you see some sick 100k breakeven stretches.

Im blogging at johnnyaces.co.uk by the way.

gl at the tables, johnny

4:52 PM  

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