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Sunday, July 16, 2006

While all the UK high rollers are away having the times of their lives in Vegas, some of us who are still learning the ropes are competing in the sombre surroundings of the Luton Grosvenor. Sad, but hey, Willie Tan, Kalit, JP Kelly and some other v.good players learnt their trade there so why shouldnt I. Ran ok in the £10 no limit till i got kinda fucked. You know sometimes when that 40-something regular limps UTG that he has a hand, but you somehow cinvince yourself that you AQs is very good.....when it aint.
Played 2 hands in the £20 re-buy, winning 1 and trebling up and losing the other, 99 all-in preflop (PL but near enough ai) and losing to a player who had AJ. Beginning to think i have a negative EV in these tournaments. Its not that im a bad player, its just that other people seem luckier/more skilled (delete as apropriate). The people who always final table these things play ABC and get paid. Annoys the fuck out of me that i actually pay them off. Going to completely change me tactics in these things, maybe. I was told about a certain Steve Templeman at the game today. A ton of rebuys, he prolly invested £100 and then he hits a runner runner flush and has a stack of 10k. Now 1st prize is only £900 but i reckon he will prolly Podium. Is that what im doing wrong? Should i be gambling more? Who knows, for sure it aint me.


Blogger Seb said...

good to see a few posts - been a bit quiet recently - thought you might be dead. Haven't been able to play much at all recently cos i've been sent to do surgery in basingstoke. Reached online final table in pole position for first time and over-bullied some baby bullies who came back to bully me out of decent cards and in to seventh place. Good to hear you're doing alright. Will give you a call soon.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

I hear ya, Popped my cherry and played first live cash game at Aspers in Newcastle at the weekend. Cant wait to have a crack at a £5 or £10 NL Freezeout now.

Ps wheres my link


2:12 AM  

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