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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Indifferent form over the weekend. WSO Uckfield never really took off due to copious consumption. Indifferent form on Sunday evening, never really got going in and of the majors and dropped a significant sum in the process. I got re-raised every time i tried to nick late on and ended up making a stand with AQ only for villain to have AK.

Last night was equally dire, cash games was the worst session ever and quickly dropped $250 in about 1 hour. 1-outered in a $300 pot doesnt help and neither does AA v QQ losing all-in preflop.
Thats poker. Bankroll can sustain off days like that.

Tournaments were also dire and despite making last 40 in the 20k and last 30 in the 15k my gear change from solid to uber-aggressive faltered due to large re-raises and a superb bluff by a player i admire- MTurk.
Havent played on UB in a bit, might play there on the weekend for he dead money that our fishie freinds from across the pond always provide.

Tip of the day. Dont call for all ur chips with AQ. Or A6 for that matter artist ;) (who had another result at Luton).


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