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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I just read an article by snoopy on http://blondepoker.com and it was superb.
Really good article regarding healthy attitude to poker and balancing work/poker/life. What i found really stuck out was his critical evaluation of playing live games. Really, there isnt much point unless the value there is higher than your EV playing online. I wont be playing any more live poker unless the buyin is £100 or higher. It simply isnt worth my while to drive all that way, win a smallish amount once in a while and then get home at 4am.....THEN have to go to work the next day. Add the risk of accident (driving late), smoky environment that encourages smoking and drinking and all round idiotic gambling nature of Casinos and i think ill be playing from home more.

Lost a little last night and got beaten by Dave in a HU £50 freezeout. I was insanely annoyed. He got me all in drawing to 2 outs.
Well played.


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