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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why didnt i play like this years ago?

Cash games are proving immensely profitable, but i keep spunking money on biggish buy-in tournies where i cannot keep focus partly due to family disturbances in the heat of battle. I have decided to invest in a new PC (i live with parents still :( ) and have it in my room with a high-speed internet connection. Any computer buffs that know their shit please point me in the direction of the best deals available please.

Unless my contract is extended i will be having a winter of poker. I have a biggish bankroll now and can afford to take a chance and see if i can make it. Living expenses can be catered for by a few days work each week (2 of 3 max ;) ) and i should hopefuly be able to finally start killing online poker. Its taken 6 years of online plus a further 3 years of live (and over 30 poker books and countless hours of internet cruising) to make mid- stakes poker properly beatable on a daily basis for me. Im there..AT LAST.

gl all

1st full time player log will be on 27th November unless the stupid Environment Agency realises i am gold dust (secre3tly, im hoping they let me go ;)


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