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Monday, September 11, 2006

Recharged and ready. Prague was awesome, had one of the best nights of my life on Saturday. An awesome meal, overlooking the Charles' Bridge with my cracking lass. Then halfway through the superb Beef Mignon we witnessed a private fireworks display (lol @ private). Cracking.
Read 2 new poker books, one an online guide for beginners * and the other Aces and Kings, a player by player breakdown. Neither was brilliant- save the trees. Re-read Miko Caro's book of tells in preparation for next weekend where im going down to Uckfield to stay at a mates house and play a ton of poker/drink beer.

Came home yesterday and predictably didnt have an MTT result online. Really shocking. Played, wait for it.....the $12 rebuy 5k gtd, $27 rebuy 15k gtd, $18 rebuy 20k gtd, £36 rebuy, 60k gtd.

60k i played 3 hands voluntarily, lol. I get 33 in the rebuy period, and get trebled up on a 3J10 board agaisnt AJ and J10 which both fail to improve. I then see nothing till AKs on the button, 1 late position raise already of 4*BB, i try a power play, he has the nice decision of ...should i call with aces.
Down to 5k. I get 1010 and fold to a re-raise- woulda been up against AQ and AK but woulda lost. Then i get KK and decide to get 1/2 in now and the other on any flop. Punk calls me. I tilt and go all-in on an Ace high flop- what am i thinking? Q tilt.

20k gtd was a fiasco, hit middle set which got fucked by a str8, hit 2nd nut flush in the BB only for the SB to have the nut flush IN AN UNRAISED POT PREFLOP. fuckit. 27k i thought someone was making a move, they werent. 5k, some donk sucked out.

Cash games covered my loss, ces't la vie.

Might play the £30 freezeout tonight at Luton, i really want to work on my game psychology and tells (both giving and recieving). Its much more profitable for me to play online, but its fun and im playing a few qualifiers (well, 1 hopefully ;) ) there and i need to know the players like family.

gl all as ever

tip of the day, always leads out on the flop if you have a set on an Ace high board (esp draw heavy) and there was a lot of preflop activity. The big aces will usually raise you, you can then re-raise and they will (hopefuly) be pot-commited. Thats juicy that, you heard it here 1st.

* - Im thinking of writing a beginners guide and linking it as a pdf. It will be aimed at beginner cash game players, depending on how it goes (ie how much you lot slate me) i might write all i know about SnG's too. Even the "good" stuff, fuckit- im different gravy baby.


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