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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Had a result in the 20k gtd last night, coming third for $2600. Not sure about this play so please let me know. My thinking in the hand went along the lines of a Josh Arieh/Phil Ivey hand let on and i think i have the odds, but my calculations cannot be exact because this guys re-raising range is fucking huge.
Down to final 3. I have 1mil, Numerator has 1mil and a blondite has 500k. I get dealt 44 on the button with blinds @ 40k/80k. I raise to 240k to play. BB goes all-in and we have even chips. I think if i win this i win the tournie and i put him 65% of the time on overcards. With the pot odds i call, he has AK which hits on the river. Should i have passed?
Answers on a postcard.

gl all

and gl me, im gonna win a bigge tonight outright.


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