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Monday, October 23, 2006

Last night was another one of those days. In the 100k continuation bets with missed AQ's/AK's really did my stack no good whatsoever and i finally bombed in about 70th/800 odd.
Ultimate bet $200 fo 200k gtd was sick. Got a stack, then lost with AK v AJ against a maniac. Then played an AK really badly and lose all my chips deep at the end. To be fair the guy made a cracking call with 55 on the river with a board of Q47109 showing, but i dont know how he can call for half his stack unless he puts me on AK perfectly. I came 150th out of 850 odd and the standard of play was weak, plenty of dead wood.

Came 4th in the $150 FO on BluSq after Claimer knocked me out with AQ v my AK. Tony "tikay" Kendall was playing and got his top set cracked by a str8 draw. Incidentally, i spoke to Poker Pete last night and turns out he knows in my opinion one of the best players on the Tribeca skin "Portfolio".

Ah well, im happy that i went deep.



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