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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Played a little bit the past couple of days. Been running ok. Won the $5k FO on TBA on Tuesday night for $2k and (sadly) bubbled the FT in the 15k last night. Other than that had a small win in a UB tournie for $600 and have managed to qualify for a few of their UBOC events in December- which will be awesome.
I continue to be amazed of the power of the re-raise deep in online MTT's. IMO the biggest edge the "pro's" have in these field is their ability to get their chips in without a showdown using fold equity. Very often late on when someone tries to nick my blind from the button/cutoff (unless they are pot commited/shot stacked) i will stick em all-in with any 2 live cards. As long as they dont have real premium, they will fold. Indeed, i suspect that this is the primary reason top pro's gain significant chunks of $ in major events- fearlessness whilst the rest of the field is looking for a $xxxxx payday, which doesnt mean shit to Lindgren and co.

Whilst on the subject of large amounts of cash. I was watching Ben Grundy last night in the $500/$1000 Limit OHL on Full Tilt last night. Richard Ashby and Mafews were also online, playing against Ivey and Hansen. Truly disgusting amounts of cash being involved.
Mafews had $460k infront of him at one point. Must be nice to leave the table after stacking Ivey.

A big shout out must also go to the Tribeca lad LuckyCU (aka Mr. Nightingale) .He won the 1st event in Amsterdam (Limit HE) - which is good for 60 large. Nice work.
Also must mention Flush Royal (Royal Flush on Blondepoker) who plays a fantastic game of poker on tinternet and (only when short stacked you hear) is a master of winning weighted coinflips. When he has a big stack, truly frightening play. He finished 2nd in the 15k last night, but it should of been 1st against the muppet he was playing against.

Got my eye on a few festivals coming up, namely the Northern Lights and the Luton Xmas cracker. Ill be satelliting my way in to a few of these, and when i finally go full time in 2 weeks its gonna be a ball.

Gl all, play good.


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