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Monday, November 06, 2006

Running like a ferrari with 3 wheels. I know i can play good poker, i know i can make laydowns and calls that 99% of othetr players cant make. But at the moment, im playing like a tosser. Went deep in 3 of the 5 comps i played last night. The 200k on UB, the 50k on Tribeca (TBA), the 5k on tribeca, the 5K FO on TBA and the 20k on tba. I got a mahusive stack in the 10k early on (30k in the rebuy period) only to have it severed by a badly timed bluff by myself. Why? Because it was at a habitual calling station, in the rebuy period, on Tribeca. Im holding 86s in the BB. 2 limpers, flop comes Ks7c5s. I bet, 1 player (16k) raises, i call. Turn comes Ac, check, check. River comes 3c (imo a scary card as it fils the 46 str8 draw). I check-raise all-in and he calls in the blink of an eye with K9. I despair at times. Good call, nh.

In the UB i made a bad play after i was cruising. LAG donkey raises in EP. I find AA and naturally re-raise, he goes all-in i call faster than a 17 year old girl climaxes during sex. I double to 5k early on (which is suprisingly difficult on here). Next hand i get A4. Flop comes A45 rainbow. I make a weak lead, 1 caller, and the button raises, i re-raise. HE CALLS. Now at this point i have to "know" he had me beat, with either A5, AA, A9, or 55/99. Mosyt likely hands imo are 555,444,or A9. Turn comes a 7. I check raise all-in and he has A5. Big call from him, WP.

In the 100k i donkey off chips. Solid/strong aggy player limps UTG. I find AQs and with 130 players left and having a slightly short stack they get shovelled in. Of course he has KK and i dont get lucky.

In the others i just played like a total donkey, pulling moves too early, unluckly had a underset/overset scenario and got KK busted by some AJ filth deep in the 5k.

Thats poker. Having a break for a week. Going to read Fischmans book and read a lot on 2+2.

Cash games have been put on hold, the bankroll cannot supply the required % at risk amount, so i wont play (2.5%)- the lower limits dont really interest me.

gl all. It will come good eventually.


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