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Sunday, December 24, 2006

2007 goals.

I just had a couple of minor cashes in the 20k and 5k and have gone back to basics to get to the business end before making the aggressive plays.
Had a cracking result also, won UKgatsby's award for most improved player. Now thats got to be as good as a bracelet right?

OK, so the goals for 2007 in order of importance.....

Enjoy my poker
Not go Broke
Make £50k through poker
Play at least 7 main events at UK grosvenor festivals
Get a working bankroll (ie not withdrawn) of $100k
Live as healthily as possible given the vampiric (even a word?) nature of the task
Not have a single cigarette whilst in a card room
Get really fit
Beat the Artist in the six-pack challenge and earn myself an easy £250

I think these goals are what they should be attainable, but very challenging.
Ill be working my socks off in January as at long last my broadband is working on my new computer. This coupled with the fact that i have been able to transfer my old player notes on my new comp mean im in business.

Interesting tip. There is a great move you can sometimes make that i saw work to perfection @ Luton this week. I believe Doyle Brunson calls it the "post-oak" bluff, but i prefer the "value bet bluff". Even if it only has a small % chance of working, its a great bet in cash games as it need only work once in a while to earn money. Now thats value :)
A player known to us as fat Ian, a really nice bloke too....made the bet on the river with a board of As5s7h3sKs (ie 4 spades). He had A2 with the 2 of spades and the pot was 8k, he bet 1k and left back 3k in his stack....and the guy didnt call even tought he had the 5s. LOL.


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Good luck in your goals.
Still have details so just leave a message anytime you want a link added or removed. Have a great Christmas and i will speak to you soon.


1:19 AM  

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