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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Why dont i arrest the bleeding sooner?

Didnt appreciate how badly i did last night till it came to completing my records this morning. A pretty disgusting evening with a total loss of $1900. Not happy about that at all. I had a couple of sick beats but thats no excuse, i wasnt in the right frame of mind to play power poker and should have either player like an ABC machine (like 80% of the players out there) or (probably the better option) turned it off.

Bankroll back down to $9k and pretty sure thats not enough for $2/$4NL (i like 30 times the buy-in) so i guess ill drop down to an evening or 2 of grinding $1/$2NL (set-mining is i believe the correct term used for beating these tables) while i recover.

Still musnt grumble, this is nothing compared to BlueScouse- see UKgatsby's links.

Going to play some MTT's tonight too, iv dropped off the Tribeca leaderboard and im not happy about that. Also, i think my sample size is too small for me to write them off as a profitable source of income. Plus i enjoy them.


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

P.M.A ;)

Merry Christmas


12:14 PM  

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