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Friday, December 22, 2006

Had to happen didnt it, poker gods couldnt keep it up.
Had a sick night tonight and stopping before i tilt away any money.
Just lost a $1200 pot in the most ridiculous way possible. Holding KK in the SB i raise after a few limpers to $12 (Blinds $2/$4), 3 callers then mateyboy on the button re-raises to $100 to play.
Now against some players i might quietly muck but this twat is most likely on day release as he previously went all-in for $300 with AQ preflop.
I decide my kings are god and shove for $500 more. He thinks (if you can call it that) for a ful minute before calling with J9. Dont need to tell you he won the pot but i will.
Absolute fking joke and i think they have chat banned me on the VC now. I dont normally insult fish as its in all our interest not to but sometimes even i cant hack it. This came after a night of ongoing outdraws and suckouts, none of which i delivered.

On the plus side, the artist delivered in Luton last night chopping HU against some chap who seemed nice enough but who had some proper cunt of a mate. Looked like shrek with glasses and really rude at the final table. The guy had a 2-1 CL when they were HU and offered Dave a slpit so tyvm and goodnight. I had a % of him so got a little bit of cash.

Still fuming from tonights bad beats, going to bed in anticipation of my 1st journey to Ashburton grove and the Emirates stadium tomorrow.

gl all.

Fking J9!!


Blogger Dave said...



12:01 AM  
Blogger dibble said...

Alex - that's a pretty harsh beat. J9 calling for $500? for heaven's sake.

Normally when I push in that spot the uber aggressive loony turns over bullets and I go the the rail cursing. You made a great read a great play and got the money in around 80% favourite. That's all you can do mate.

Me? I did about $400 tonight but I did it deciding that the button was stealing - I have JJ. Well, he's got the nice position of having AA on the button against the BB with half a hand. I made a bad play (no need to go broke with JJ). You didn't - well played and ul.

get your head up mate, make a note of the name and find him next time you're online. Win it all back plus lots more and you won't be worrying about tonight's pot for long.


1:55 AM  

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