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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Had a superb Xmas. Got some cracking prezzies, including an ipod so ill no longer have to listen when a table has a couple of total twats yakking non-stop. Had a lot of fun playing poker too and think im due a big tournament win soon. Mt game has improved non-stop since i read a pocket fives thread discussing how a top top online MTT specialist got to 12th in the Stars million and only had to showdown a winning hand all-in twice. So iv started playing a bit more people poker once 2/3 of the field has been eliminated. Before then ur just playing with monkeys anyway, so you have far less ability to outplay them post-flop when they are numpties.

Played the £75 NL FO at Luton on boxing day and what a cracker. Got off to a flyer after cruncing Lalit Khajuria with A4 v 34 on a 44J flop. :) Good job he didnt have bobbies.
After that early start on a table i was very compfortable on, i sadly got moved to an altogether trickier table where there was a hell of a lot of re-raising and bluffing. I decided to sit out of harms way for a while, then made a shocking move after 2 late position limpers with A9 soooted only to get called by AA preflop, oops. Down to the felt, grinded back only to call all-in with Q9o v itght SB's raise. Didnt like doing it and regret it now and KJ held for my opponent and i finished a respectable 23rd out of 110.

Online im grinding well and have decided to have a go at the $20/$40 NL like Bluescouse.......only joking. Its $2/$4 for me till i earn another $10k then im off to the dizzy hights of $3/$6.


Anonymous Rob said...

hello al, nice result in the boxing day luton, wish i could've been there!! shame not to have got any moneies for your efforts....

what was the cash game like after? if there was one..

been to hooters over here, we definately need to bring it over to the UK, best bar ever!

Anyway, are there any tourneys worth playing on the 5th or 7th of Jan, need to get a poker fix asap!

dont have my phone with me, so reply yo me on www.myspace.com/robapple, or on here, might not check it until next week though.

HAPPY YEAR BUDDY see you soon

4:37 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Hi Rob mate, im pretty sure its the usual comps on the Thursday and Saturday, ie £20RB NL on Thurs eve and £10NL RB followed by £20 RB PL on Saturday.

I played the cash, lost £250 to a couple of flush chasing numpties, went to the cash machine to reload only to find out that id reached my daily limit. Went back with the £50 or so i had in my wallet and just fucked about for about 4 hours till 6am. Hitting quads with A7 v Max's KK sent him giddy i think.

Oh, and layed down AQ v Alan Geddis on a boarsd of 68Q rainbow after he check raised me. :) Was shown set of sixes and told what a great laydown it was.....didnt tell him if he had bet the hand instead of check-raised me he would have stacked me ;)

Have a happy new year mate, and ill see you next week for footy or poker.

6:52 AM  
Blogger richard trigg said...

there is a hooters in nottingham, cracking place!

4:06 PM  

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