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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So so. Came second in the $200 FO on Tribeca the other night for $2k, and won a couple of little feeder comps whilst watching match otd last night (Irish open super, got my ticket fot the 50k on sunday for $3 ;).

Cash game form has dropped heavily but in a game with such massive variance i cannot complain. This pot hurt me however. Im going to start copying the hand histories so you can see just how loco some of these players are. Friday night (i think) and im at a $2/$4 NL game with about $800 in front of me. Guy to my right has just quadrupled up with AA after a major mistake by his part (not betting preflop) and him sucking out. He has about $1000. In the BB with KK and i face a raise up to $20. I call, partly for deceptive purposes and partly as im out of position. Flop comes magical- KJ9. Dont like the connected nture of the board (ie Q10 has me rogered) but these are the flops where you make money. I check, he bets pot, i call. Turn comes an 8, ie a brick unless he has the unlikely holding of 107. I check, he goes all-in for his stack and the pot is only $150. Im trying to find a fold as i hate the massive overbet with nuts type players and this could be one of them. I eventually call and am shown AA. He spikes another on river. Ouch.

Similarly im upping the frequency of my raises and also raising a lot more with premium hands that (although i know i shouldnt) i sometimes marry. I typically like to raise enough so that smalled pp's (the hands i fear most) are not getting the 7 1/2 - 1 odds to hit.

Not really in the mood to type anything interesting and been on a roof all day long helping my Missus Father take a wall down so im gonna sign out before i write any more boring shite.

As a side note i have a couple of links added and you might want to check out 2 of the best MTT players iv seen in the form of Claimer and Royal Flush.

Just to cheer everybody up i thought id post some eye candy, enjoy.


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