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Friday, March 30, 2007

The £5k gtd at Luton last night made a sweet £9k and was obviously worth fighting for. My tournament was uneventful till, when holding KK i raise and get min raised from a short stack. Another chep behind goes all in and im not good enough to pass, even though i suspect shortie of the boots. Sure enough he has them, as does the other player. Board brings 9,10,3,Q and just as Jim is saying "any Jack", i peel one off :) Now thats form.
2 hands after and holding 2* the average stack of 15k an early position loose player raises to 3.2k with blinds at 200/400. I opt for a shove, hoping he has a medium pp and puts me on the AK. He thinks (?) for a while before saying "you might have AK" and calling his stack of 15k off with 33. 3 on the flop and thats all she wrote. Marvellous.
Cash game was fantastic, i limp re-raised UTG with aces and still got 2 callers. Hilarious. Walked away 1 up :)
Off out for a night on the lash now, was gonna play Luton but cant be fecked. Liverpool street for sick drinking games with old un i buddies sounds more interesting.
Will deffo be playing the £100 FO there this Sunday however............and this time i am GOING to play mistake free when down to the final 2 tables.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Cheers for not turning up Alex, you cursed me :(

1:16 PM  

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