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Monday, April 02, 2007

Just got home from playing the £200 DC FO at Jacks and kings poker club in Bishops Stortford. £10k gtd tournie with a fair few runners.
Played very few hands in the first couple of levels as i didnt know the players. Thought i had the table sussed after about an hour which enabled me to feel confident enough to play some more marginal hands down the streets.
10k in chips and my only real hand of note was QQ where i raised and got called by a lady who i had a bit of banter with. Flop came 8,9,10 rainbow and she check raised me. I gave her my best inspection and realised she wasnt that confident, so i whipped it in. She deliberated before calling with A10, no miracles and im cruising.
Up to 15k when i join in a limpathon with 8d9d. Button (tight,weak player) raises and 3 ppl call. Values there so i jump in too. Flop comes K65 3 diamonds. I check, he bets, i raise, he flat calls. Turn comes a non-diamond and i dont think he's sophisticated enough to lead at a pot with the nuts. I put him on either AxAd or AdKx. On the turn i send in my whole stack only for him to go into the tank for about ooooo, 5 seconds before calling his chips off. He says "have you got a flush" i reply " do you think i can bluff 5 ppl, of course i have the flush". He then sighs, puts his cards face down and obviously i think he's drawing dead. No. He does indeed have AdAx and rivers the diamond. Marvellous. What fucking bad etiquette, the numpty pissed away the full 30k after too. WP.
So im down to 600 and decide to grind. Goes well too, i get up to 5.5k before re-raising a player with 1010 preflop only for them to make a crying call with AJ. Need lessons in flipping coins.

Played cash for a while and won a hansome little pot off Steve Templeman with AK hitting the nuts on the turn. When i first met this guy i must admit to thinking he was grade a see you next tuesday. After a few beers and a bit of banter however, i must say he seems like a fun-loving cheerful chap, so first impressions can be wrong ^^

Big week this week, desperately need some cashish after overspending this month (again) and going on holiday in a bit. Got the Luton league winners Sit and go tomorrow and i must say im really looking forward to it. There will be serious bragging rights for this puppy and im intending on giving whoever i get HU with the ticket in return for 50% of their action in the event. Of course if its a nupty ill just take the cash to cover this weeks buy-ins but we shall see.

Online has been going very bad, as per usual it seems nowadays. I have found my holdem sessions getting shorter and shorter. Of all things im playing a lot of PL Omaha and (now this is weird) HU 10/20 LIMIT holdem. It still pisses me off occasionally when some mug yank chases a backdoor flushdraw but its VERY easy to clean the uber-aggressors out. The simplest of gear changes totally confuses them. In the 1/2 Holdem (which im 8 tabling) i have dropped an astonishing amount of money this week.

Im almost willing myself to go broke but live cash games are so profitable its proving more difficult than i thought. On a side note, i played a biggish comp on Stars last night. Down to the last 15 and i go from CL to 15th in 3 hands. 88 on K86 board- bastard has KK. KK in SB v button thief- Button has boots. AK all-in (which suprisingly was still about 8 BB), insta called by AJ.......which makes a str8. MARVELLOUS. Would have been a couple of large for the winner too :(

OK, time to assert my authority and focus on winning tomorrow............the beauty is, they are ALL good enough to lay down a hand :)
3 cheers for the re-steal, hip hip, hooray.


Anonymous Frank Symonds said...

yeah i agree. this is the first time i have read ur blog and to me it seems like u need a bit more practice. try watching some poker on TV and see how the guys play the high stakes. Maybe you should try playing 2c/4c tables then 5c/10c tables until you get a bit better. Good luck, chin up. and remember - ur only as good as ur last hand.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous m3 Boys Poker Blog said...

Yeah, ur only as good as ur last hand!! I think 2c/4c is way too high for you amateur boy, have you tried playing with match-sticks ??!

12:28 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Oh so so funny are some people!!

BTW Alex, if you are going tonight, can you buy my ticket for the £200 fessie comp?

Cheers m8

BTW, no good at Luton last night in the comp but another winning cash session,,, just!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous M3boy's Poker Blog said...

actually - second thoughts, dont worry about the ticket, i'll get my own.

12:49 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

If you are going to try and use my poker blog name, you REALLY should change it to Blue ,,, idiot!! lol

3:23 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

ROFL. Frankie Simmons, you really are "baking" up some trouble on here :)

I could turn into one of those ppl that moderates their comments, but wheres the fun in that.
P.S. in the words of Hellmuth Jr......"can you even spell poker?"

3:49 PM  
Blogger dibble said...

I'm one of those people :( I got bored of abuse... but hey ho.

gl alex

5:04 PM  
Anonymous dibble said...

by the way Frankie, dont listen to them they are both a$$holes that have never won anything significant to speak of!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

PMA Alex

2:08 AM  
Anonymous ukgatsby said...

by the way, that means Pinch My Arse Alex

12:55 PM  
Anonymous alex martin said...

anytime ;)

1:05 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

You have to admire his simpistic humour and tenacity. But, i think you should reaveal who you are for the good of the game.

respect all, Alex

1:35 PM  
Anonymous "Frank Symonds" said...

Ive had my fun but I always muck losing hands...for now.

5:06 PM  

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