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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Second in the £5k gtd on Thursday @ Luton. But my main gripe has been my horrible form on the cash tables. Feeling physically sick at some of the ludicrous 2 outer jobbies that have come along.

However, thems the beats and every time it happens i remind myself that this is EXACTLY the reason why i play poker. Gonne do another 24 hr marathon on VC this week to raise some funds.

The luton £250 FO this weekend, could use a win :)

With regard to finishing 4th on Wednesday, here is the hand that i think i really fucked up 4 handed. CL has 120k, me and the others have 40-60k. I have 60 exactly.
I raise with AJo to 20k (blinds 3/6k) on the button and the SB shoves for 50k. I managed to fold reasoning i could nick the blinds uncontested the next 2 hands. Which i didnt.
But the point is, to win it im gonna need a lot of chips. And getting 2.5-1 odds i shouldnt be folding many hands AT ALL in this spot. Lesson learned, wont do it again. She had 1010.


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

I agree, I think you should have called here for the reasons you stated.

Good luck,


4:54 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Try not to over analyse hands m8.

We all learn lessons on key situations/hands , just dont get into the habbit of "beating" yourself up about them.

See you Wednesday,,,,,,,,

11:54 PM  

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