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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bah, had a losing session last night that appears as if it might be continuing into today. Deffo need a break for an evening so ill prolly go for a few beers with the boys tomoz night and unwind. A few calling tendencies coming back lately, especially with luckboxes that improve on the turn. I hate these hidden cards that hurt you. Holding AK on an AK4 board i raised preflop and got called, i bet 2/3 the pot on the flop and he called. Im immediately thinking how can i max this guys AJ when the turn brings a J. We are playing relatively shallow so im not folding even if i think the guy has a gutshot so when he craises me ai i have to call for the extra $80. He has JJJ and im too fatigued to go into one of my famous tirades in the chat box. Someone on Crypto actually said the other noght that i take beats worse than anyone else. That might be true, i know i can go into one when a player puts a sick one one me. I hate the fact that its tapping the glass but sometimes needs must.

Doing some footings tomorrow which should be fun in this weather. Im secretly looking forward to it, cracking back workout. Oh, and iv been given a real treat from the missus, we are going to Rome for a few days in a week or so. One of the few European capitals that i have always wanted to visit so thats sweet. Mainly because i love roman logic and architecture. Such a shame their empire was fucked up, can you imagine how advanced a race we would be now? We definitely wouldnt be so naive as to keep polluting the atmosphere so heavily thats for sure.

I know iv always had a thing for conspiracy theories but the new terror threat is kind of ringing old bells. Anyone who's read Chomsk's Imperial Ambitions knows all about how terror talk is a great way of subdueing (sp?) a population. Gordon Browns recent arrival and Bush's Guantanamo heat anything to do with the extra publicity?


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