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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

:) Happy Days. Things are running really smoothly at the moment. Im a tad irked by DTD moving their Traders over to bad beat but i guess its in all our best interests. I shoudl really have more patience with regard to these things but i guess im relatively selfish at heart. DTD (crypto) really is a goldmine and every day that goes by makes me feel iv lost money at their tables. Itching to get playing on Crypto again soon though, finally got AHUD working and sussed out my PT database properly. Shame you cant use AHUD on the mini-tables on BluSQ but i guess you cant have everything all the time.
Moving up levels on the nikinblinds account from next monday so expecting big things, one thing i didnt realise was how much rake i generate multitabling. OMG these poker sites have it so good.

Luton festival next week, looking forward to this bad boy immensely. I know i said i wont play the ME but iv been working hard lately and if i get any kind of result in the run up ill prolly buy-in. Im certain that my game is good enough to compete and im up for the craic tbh. We shall see how it goes.

Just finished my second article for http://insidepokermag.co.uk. Amusingly its about bankroll management and the importance of having a bankroll. Whilst well aware of the importance, i couldnt smile at the irony of a recently broke player giving others advice. Still, do as i say and all that. I put a fair bit of effort into it, but due to copyright issues im not allowed to post it, you'll have to go out and buy it or grab one from your local casino, its a quality mag and seeing my mug in it makes it even better.

Anyway, got to fly, Luton needs me. This time, im winning in the cash game. Mistake free poker baby!

P.S. To the anonymous guy who wanted to know about HH for Tournaments in on Crypto, i havent bothered trying mate, i dont play online tournaments any longer. And to M3boy, cheers for reading you mug, and good luck with your new sponsorship deal with pokerheave.com/........lucky *u*t.

P.P.S while im online, Amatay when you gonna bring ur mug down to Luton m8? Been waiting to bump into someone other than Tom who calls me down with third pair ;)


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

lol cheers m8

Good start online on Poker Heaven

Sat playing £1.5 £3 with £300 and turned it into £900 within an hour.

Long may it continue!!

See you Friday m8

11:39 PM  

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