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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Won a seat to the ME in Luton so will be playing most of the events at Luton this week. Also got my 1st ranking points last night, coming 6/150 in the £100 crapshoot event. Played really well from 4 tables out, then played a final where the average stack was 7BB. Got AA folded to me in my BB and pushed with 55 in the co and found card rack CL's AA. Marvellous, £600 instead of 5k. Oh well. Looking forward to this week, gonna get trashed a couple of nights with actionman and a load of the uk ciruit lot, so should be a good crack. My game feels really solid at the moment, you know ur running good when you are all-in against a dominated hand and dont get up ready to leave the table. Playing ultra-solid interspersed with big moves. When you only showdown premium you can get away with blue murder, ill deffo be using image more this festival.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Card Rack - YBA. AA twice in one orbit is more hands than I have caught in a month of Sundays.

Simon G.

9:43 PM  

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