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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yukky, what a time to start feeling a bit rank. Playing the 500FO later, hopefully just to get some aggression and fancy play syndrome out of my brain, but obv ill be playing the a game. Off to go and get a screen tv in a bit, dont have a clue why, i hate tele in general but what the lady wants the lady gets. LOL Simon G, what a card rack, but tbh the guy is a good player (and nice to boot) and probably deserves a hit. Jeff Rogers gifted him a huge stack tbh, which is unlike Jeff.

Plan is to go shopping this morning, i want a couple of new shirts for this wkend and then go gym for a minor workout and a long chillout. Played a little online last night and got reminded of how dreadful the general standard is. Call call call, call call, call call call call. Thats most of ipokers cash players summed up. My fav was when i called a pf raise with 33, check raising the rag board, check raising the turn big and getting called, only for AK to hit on the river. Methinks i might be rolling in it this time next year.

Non-poker news, Evan Almighty is a good crack,but transformers is better. Im off to Paris with Suz and then off again in November for the aviation clubs tournaments, il prolly play a few of the smaller ones. Off to Bali around december time hopefully, 2 week chillout needed, poker is hard work. And just to top it off im off to Barca in September. Happy days. So glad i left that 9-5 bollocks behind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh well that's very kind of you to say, thank you.

I also consider myself in the "I know how they play but they know nothing about me" camp. That means that I expect to have a fairly decent overlay and strike rate when I play there on a random night, but because I am still subjected to the "9-5 bollocks" I very rarely play.

GL for the remainder..

7:29 PM  

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