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Monday, July 16, 2007

Rome was pretty sweet, not especially overpriced and the sights were superb. Didnt think much of Italian hospitality tbh, lost count of the number of times i was talking to a member of staff who insisted on having about 3 other conversations at the same time.

Just ben watching the EPT 2005-2006 London leg 2 on Brave. OMG what a load of fish. Interesting hand if you have seen it between Jac Arama and Moneymaker who both flop the nuts with AJ on a KQ10 board after some preflop raising. After the action its pretty obv that they both have the nuts but neither of them has the foresight to wait and see if the river pairs on the end. Then you can move in and sometimes your opp passes. Watching Lalit my Luton % play is always fun, he is a class above but doesnt seem to be showing it lately. Mainly as he's playing less tournies and more cash @ the Vic i assume.

Had a handsome weekend of poker. Now playing $2/4 again full-time on 2 accounts and the nikinblinds blusq account is finally back in profit. Was a real grind but i put in a lot of hours and effort this weekend, its the only account where i could see myself playing really high in a year or so's time. Crypto big games are actually tough until you get to the mega high £25/£50, where from what im watching, playing like a nit would reap rewards.

Whenever i come back from a break i always play really well. Its such a simple game at heart, adorably so. A bet means i think i have the best hand, a raise says no i do, a large bet means i have a big hand or im bluffing. Hopefully ill play a little this weekend but im playing less and winning more of late which is how i like it. Too much can fry your brain. HAd 2 seperate instances this weekend where i was convinced i had the nuts on the river, went all-in and my cards changed last minute. Both on ipoker. One i rivered quads which turned into Q6o in the HH when i checked afterwards. And another where a guy with AQ won the pot v my A9 on a A2944 board. Pretty sure no mind-altering substances were involved.

Off to Newcastle on Thursday which will be really good fun. Mike @ BluSQ still hasnt told me how much im getting paid so i hope my updates last time were good enough for a little more l'argent :) It'll be fun whatever happens. Rootimg for Rick Trigg who i have 10% of and who definitely has the game to beat all the nits/donks that frequent these comps. Hopefully his newfound cash game interest will let him play deepstack poker even better. Should be a cracking weekend with lots of hearty drinking and all the Vegas stories being lumped around. Although i doubt we will ever get anything as good as the Bushy scandal of old. And no smoking means ill hopefully keep my lungs clean for the entire time, unless i get really drunk when i relapse.

Been experimenting lately with floating in position versus solid opponents. Hilarious results. Most of the time i bang when a scare card comes and they fold, but sometimes they find the hero inside themselves and it gets ugly. My fav outdraw in a long time lately. 78s i call a preflop tag itb, pushing ai into his top set with a gutshot and fd on the turn and dinging the nutnut. I got a bit of abuse for that one, but he folds all other hands............i think. Still, image is worth it sometimes. He led with top trips which is the only reason i figured he couldnt be that strong. eek.

After Newcastle i might go to Wales for a few days to visit Dave artist and do some bass fishing in the sunshine. Cant get hold of the bugger at the moment but will try and catch him, otherwise Dave call me.

In the meantime, the pidgeons are flocking and the harvest has begun, which means ill be taking the 12 bore and all the kit out into the fields for much of this week, blasting fresh produce from the sky to pot roast. I might even try some kebabs.

See yaaa all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I played a lot against nikinblinds alias. You were too passive preflop, I got you at 19/10 which was too tight and not enough raising IMO, but you had good aggression postflop.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Kirby the German Roofer said...

Amatays cousin here. long time reader first time poster here.

Any chance of a link swap, im doing some great traffic.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

FFS this cock aint my cousin lol. Check my blog and leave a comment if u want mate

2:52 AM  

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