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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meh, i have to stop bluffing. Totally. I must lose so much every month through trying to get non-thinking opponents to fold. Thats the new objective, seriously cut down on bluffing frequency. Im not talking about standard small-ball bluffs, like 2 barreling and c/r cbets, im talking about those big mofo bluffs where you know the guy is blocker betting you and you find the heart to bet the pot. They still call. They always bloody call.

Benn playing the finest poker of my life in the last few days, really focused and solid. I lost 1 big pot to Martinelli last night, truly sick tbh. 88 v J9 on 8J6 board and he backdoor flushes. Only he can get in 200BB with that trash. BUT on a good note, it seems i have forgotten how to tilt. This is immense for me as i really was worried about my discipline a few weeks ago, i was lobbing the mouse about and dug out the computer reciept incase the mesh bought it.

So after playing 3 good strong sessions how have i done. Crap. Iv lost about $600. But iv been winning millions of sklansky bucks. Seriously iv compared my projected earnings graphs with after showdown results and its like the most inverted axis possible. So im having a break for a couple of days, nothing seriouys i just want to recharge.

I went out last night to my mate Rob's uni night out. ZOMG how can i do £180 on a student night, where its £2 a pint. I am including a trrruuuulllly ridiculous bet i had with some random @ the bar. I said i could get served 1st and he disagreed. I said i didnt know any of the staff but id take 3-1, bastardo took the bet. And he worked behind the bar, fker. So he tells me this afterwards and i was in my own Ram Vaswani/Phil Ivey golf coup. I decided eventually to pay up, but was unimpressed. ESP when the coont buggered off whilst i was on me tod. Guess im getting old and boring.

Paris coming up soon and then Swansea for the blonde bash, should be gd. Going to the Vic tomorrow to rail Flushy and see Jamie from blusq, might drag out Inside Edge editor Alun for a few beers, but i doubt it would remain just a few. And thats it, life's boring.


Blogger Amatay said...

I know what you mean mate. You know the fuckers making a stopper bet because hes weak and yet the cunts still call ur massive re-raise with junk like TP shitty kicker etc

1:31 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

does my head in

2:54 PM  

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