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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a week. Firstly, i think im going to give up weekday cash, the games are tough, the players are strong and its a lot like hard work. Instead ill just get into top condition for 24 hour Friday/Saturday sessions. Im consistently a big loser during the week, then i have a big weekend and make up for it, winning a small profit for the week. I have cut down on bluffing frequency, except the strong players that i know play too tight in the big pots, they will always be exploitable. Played a few cool hands this week, only the third one i think is avoidable, pretty sure its a big bad mistake to NOT get all my money in in all of them, but anyone got other thoughts? Will be using a HH convertor from now on.

GAME #639685409: Texas Hold'em NL $1.00/$2.00
Table Bulqize
Seat 1: Turntable ($228.60 in chips)
Seat 3: sunbite ($198.75 in chips)
Seat 5: nikinblinds ($192.35 in chips)
Seat 6: tffwa ($430.25 in chips) DEALER
Seat 8: Grindyoudown ($184.55 in chips)
Seat 10: Reidge ($217.15 in chips)
Grindyoudown: Post SB $1.00
Reidge: Post BB $2.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to nikinblinds [D5 C5]
Dealt to Reidge [H5 H6]
Turntable: Fold
sunbite: Fold
nikinblinds: Raise $6.00
tffwa: Fold
Grindyoudown: Fold
Reidge: Call $4.00
*** FLOP *** [CJ S6 S5]
Reidge: Bet $8.00
nikinblinds: Raise $21.00
Reidge: Call $13.00
*** TURN *** [SK]
Reidge: Check
nikinblinds: Bet $35.00
Reidge: Call $35.00
*** RIVER *** [C6]
Reidge: Bet $90.00
nikinblinds: Allin $130.35
Reidge: Call $40.35
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $382.70 Rake $3.00
Reidge: wins $382.70

Meh tbh, im going nowhere in this hand am i?

GAME #671088017: Texas Hold'em NL $1.00/$2.00 2007-09-29 18:04:47
Table Hadsund
Seat 1: nikinblinds ($191.80 in chips)
Seat 3: error113 ($323.05 in chips) DEALER
Seat 6: timba ($182.65 in chips)
Seat 8: cruzas ($191.36 in chips)
Seat 10: ggovi ($202.00 in chips)
timba: Post SB $1.00
cruzas: Post BB $2.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ggovi [H10 HA]
Dealt to nikinblinds [H5 D5]
ggovi: Raise $8.00
nikinblinds: Call $8.00
error113: Fold
timba: Fold
cruzas: Fold
*** FLOP *** [D2 C5 SA]
ggovi: Bet $14.00
nikinblinds: Call $14.00
*** TURN *** [DA]
ggovi: Check
nikinblinds: Bet $25.00
ggovi: Call $25.00
*** RIVER *** [C10]
ggovi: Bet $77.00
nikinblinds: Allin $144.80
ggovi: Call $67.80
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $383.60 Rake $3.00
ggovi: wins $383.60

Should i jam turn? Flat call river? nooo.....

Ok so won my seat to GUKPT Vic leg this week (thats 2/2 satellites chirp chirp :) ...not the grand final but still nice to get in cheap) and will be trying to go out of my way to get lots of chips this time.

Went to the Vic this week to meet my "boss" Jamie from BlueSQ and catch up. Bumbed into Flushy and Romanello who stopped me playing the cash game in favour of the bar. Robbo really is a properly nice bloke, shame the rest of the welsh boys had already buggered off. Flushy just went on and on about how much money the bastard has made :) The pair ended up putting 50% of me into the £500 event the next day and how could i protest.

Then chatted to Rob Garfield for a bit, nice bloke him. Know him from Luton but he pissed me off a while back and i never spoke to him till now. Saw a crazy pot in the big cash game involving Neel from Luton losing a lot. Rob had a bit of a cooler, flopping the second nut flush, Channing flopping the nuts, and losing 3k as quick as you like.

Im bored so ill give you a big tourie report. Plus its not very often i play a £500 tournie as i hate them tbh (not to mention they are miles out of my BR) but i enjoyed this one.

So after v little sleep and getting home @ 9am i got up in time to make the start of the comp. Nearly. Was 10 mins late and was greeted by a starting table with Lucy Rokache, Jonny Lodden and some french guy who reminds me of the french guy from Casino Royale. I was quite looking forward to seeing how bad_ip plays but i was a little bit let down tbh. I didnt see him bet/raise once. He called his stack off no joke. One hand that was funny was when aggy scandie raises, 2 ppl call inc JL from the BB. Flop comes A29rainbow. Scanie bets, JL calls. Turn A. Check, bet from Scandie, lodden calls. River, 4. Lodden checks, Scandie makes a biggish bet, Lodden folds. As he mucks i get flashed his hand. A9. Lucy Rokach is a total nutter at the table, like i didnt already know. But last night confirmed it, she massacred her stack playing too loose, too fast and displaying v.little of the skill with which she is renowned. Maybe she had an off day.

I played a couple of hands early doors, before getting caught with my pants down. I limped pre with Jc9c and saw a sexy little 8s10s3h flop with 2 others. M8tyboy in mp bets and i call, played him once before and didnt rate his ability tbh. Turn comes Kh, not a bad card for me as J10/Q10 hands might be scared now. He checks, i bet small. Turn is Ks for a board of 8s10s3hKhKs. This is a pretty magic card for me as now all 10s are scared witless of spade flush hopefully. He checks, i bet 2/3 pot and he goes into the long though process that sees him calling with 109. Meh.

So i nick one or two before limping utg with KdQd. I just wanted to get involved as Lucy was donating tbh. Flop comes Qc6d7d and i lead out, strong french bloke raises me, i jam, he calls. He has 67, i ding a diamond. Nothing either of us can do there i dont think. Then i get moved. Eek.

I play a big pot with who i think was Max Pescatori. I knocked him out which about the most impressive decision iv made in a poker comp in a while. Average stack is 8k, i have 10k, he has 7k. Blinds are 200/400 and he makes it 1200 in mp. I flat call on the button with 88. Flop comes Q56. He bets half his stack and i get to think. He really doesnt look at all comfortable and i set him in. Im puttin him on a missed AK tbh, but he turns over 77, inta-calling me after my dwell-push. I found that a bit interesting as he still had a bit back but i guess he was pot commited. No help for him and its bye bye Max. I then lost the critical hand where i raise and tag scandie rr me from the button. With 88 his bet stinks of AK and i make the call. He has AQ and hits. From there i never really got a sniff but survived until my only serious mistake of the comp, which of course proved to be my last. I thought i had 7k ish but had miscounted. So when Late raiser makes it 1600 i think with 77 from the BB i can jam here with a bit of fold equity. Sadly i only had 6k and he called after a bit of thought. Peeved because im sure for the little extra he would have passed K10, which hit and sent me packing. Meh. But it was fun and enjoyable. Plus Neil Channing has a ridiculously dry sense of humour, i found myself fighting to laugh with or at him as he has a highly strung mentality at times, whilst also being able to take the piss, a bit of a novelty tbh.

Football tomorrow, playing centre mid at last, looking to pwn the fat old buggers we will no doubt be pitted against. Probably going to be fisticuffs as they are reputed to be a dirty bunch. Happy Days.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Nice to see you having a few results in Satelites m8. Hopefully see you down the Vic.
I played a sat for the Main GUKPT event the other night, and was chipped up (2nd) right the way to the final table. Managed to gian the C/L pretty quickly which I kept until 3 of us left, then lost a big pot to Soxy (who went on to win it) :(
And how the f**k do you get people to buy you into £500 MTT's?!?!
Some people just have too much damn money! lol Nice one m8.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

They know im pure quality at the poker table. LOL. I guess they just feel sorry for me and my grinding and want to share the wealth.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Plus they had been at bar for 10 hours and were totally pissed ;)

gl gl

1:41 AM  

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