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Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK iv calmed down now. This week has been dreadful. Utterly shocking. ITs like someone has pressed a switch on my account that renders the user helpless. Iv been through poker tracker and filtered all pots over $400 that iv lost this week. 6 set over set situations (5 where i had middle set). 2 instances of set over set where the other guy turned/rivered quads. One $1200 pot (AT 1/2 NL!!!!) Where i turned the nut str8, set him in and he hit quads on the riv. Friday night was equally horrendous, i lots 2 buyins, one with 33 v KQ on a KQ3 board, i then lose AA to KQ on a Q107 board. Im playing without confidence, playing less aggressively and being an utter nit to be honest. And its not working at all. Logged 1 winning day this week out of 5. Thats not good. The games seem sooooo nitty in the evenings, iv cut down on the tables im playing as there are so few good ones. I cant seem to get a bluff through no matter what, Martinelli calling a $60 river bet with 55d on a 978QJ all diamond board after i check raise him on the flop with 99 that doesnt materialise. I think its affecting my play so iv been going back to basics lately, really focusing on players weaknesses and cutting down continutaion bets as my image has been destroyed lately. I cant help but feel that im just trading rake at these stakes, there are so many nitty regulars that its like shitting glass sometimes.

Cmon, big Sat night please, need to get out of this hole.

EDIT.i just lost another big pot with AA v KK aipre and immediately after KKK on K4Q board to J10 all-in on flop. Im actually laughing now, i cant do it anymore. All this 80% skill, 20% luck stuff is utter bollox, buy a fucking lotto ticket, its the same thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Refreshing to read an honest assessment from a very good player. Other players would just focus on how great they had been and how lucky the mug had been. Its called variance and I guess we all have to deal with it.

It means little as you are miles better than me - and yes I have played at the same table as you at Luton - but for what its worth, when I go through this sort of patch I play tighter than a fish's ear! No bluffs, nowt - just ABC poker. When I have my confidence back I then get back after the fuckers!

Hang in there dude! Glory awaits! ;-)

9:23 PM  

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