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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yummy. Im really starting to like this money lark. Thought at the beginning of tonights session that i might be starting to run bad. I was outplayed with AA v JJ on a J high flop when i was 100% sure i was winning. Then i got cooled properly with AK v AA on a AKK flop. How harsh is that? About the ugliest flop possible as i can lay down AK on AKX flops when the betting gets heavy from a v.good player who rraises me pre.

But then i got my clarity back, started playing super aggy and watching ppl everywhere try their best to trap me and failing abysmally. My fave is rr pre with 1010, seeing a flop of 732, i cbet, he calls and im like fuck i should shutdown, till the 10 turn where i set him in and he intacalls me with 22. Unlucky m8.

So this was a good week. I feel i should tell everyone that i am now solely trading for BlueSQ.com where i will be playing nearly all of my poker for the considerable future. Despite being offered a few other deals, this is by far and away the best deal for my requirements and it mutually beneficial, even if i do generate tonnes of rake for the buggers :)

Off to Paris on Sunday for a, wait for it, E100 freezeout with a couple of mates, just basically an excuse for a pissup which i feel i am due. I look like shit at the moment, having not been to the gym for ages, rarely seeing sunlight and eating v. unhealthily. I guess if i was single i would make and effort, but luckily i found a cracking lass when i was young and obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholded, coz im quite an ugly bugger lol.

On a side note, i have just spoken to a contact that can offer quite phenomenal rakeback on ipkoker, with great incentives. Let me know if any of you want the details, either by commenting on here or emailing me @ alexander_martin@hotmail.co.uk

cheerio, Alex.


Blogger Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer is BACK BABY!

Check the blog Bitch.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer here (BurnleyMicks Brother) Just wondering if you could pop by my blog have a read and maybe link me up if you like what you see. Cheers


4:37 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

lol @ Kirbs ahahahaha

11:44 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Hi Roofer, il link you up when i get a chance. On one condition. I want a piss take like Amatay and Ukgatsby have on your blog. Nothing complicated just a jokey wind up. The ill give you top spot on my links page you link hungry whore. ;)

4:39 AM  
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