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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Proper heater. Playing far better of late, simply because there seem to be so many more fish about and iv adjusted to their game. The old only playing on weekends went out the window lol. Iv tightened up immensely and went on a sick run with KK outdrawing AA 3 times lol. My AA never gets cracked and all of a sudden im a set-flopping monster. I had one absolute beauty, holding QQ i see a flop of 55Q, turn 4, river 4. I find the two unlucky bastards with A5 and 56. LOL. Ship ship.

Off to Paris on Sunday which should be real fun, missing the Sunday morning match unfortunately :( and we won last week 3-2 after going 1-0 down aswell.

Another really nice bit of news is that iv just secured the sporting rights on the neighbouring farm. So iv finally got a little bit of land that me and a few freinds can really start to improve. We are going to start thinning the woodland in the winter and will be planting 2 hedgerows in the spring, where they once were. No birds were put down this year but signs are encouraging. A lot of wild pheasants despite the ridiculously high number of dumped rspca foxes from london arriving on our doorstep every night. Its ridiculous, we try to keep a small healthy population of foxes on the farm and now we get blighted by disease ridden urban foxes being dumped by rspca vans in the middle of the night after catching a few nuisance renards in suburban london. The partridge situation is a bit worse, shockingly wet summer weather has dronwned a large % of the chicks, plus massive numbers of corvids have hammered the recovering native grey population. Breaks my heart to see a grey partridge chick being carried away by a crow. So now we have secured the rights we will be turning a little 400 acre section of hertfordshire into a wildlife haven. It should be a really nice balance to my poker and will get me back outside again. We have a coupld of ponds lined up too, sadly one is incredibly acidic owing to being at the bottom of a pine wood but im sure we can lime it for a couple of years and then start planting it up with a dirtload of lillies and other flora.

Finished another article for inside poker mag today, which was nice. Its on variance so was a bit more mathematical than my other contributions. Hope you enjoy reading it anyway, ill post it after it gets published.

Another bit of good news, how good was Camerons speech today. Exactly what we need, i really think this guy could be the ticket to a new style of politics. His talk on being green and also on people who reject a fair job offer being denied welfare really hit home. I know who ill be voting for.

Off to cinema now, gg guys.


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

What film did Farmer Martin see? Not Halloween I hope.

12:48 AM  

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