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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ok. Played 2 evening sessions and spun the 1k up to 4.5k pretty fast. Just played another shit load but got a bit too cocky and lost $400 overall after getting up to 6.2k
Back on 4.1k now and will be playing this evening. Got so close to the legendary $2k stack @ 1/2 today with a 1650 stack and play that was getting "he must be cheating" comments. Sadly had to close it down to free the funds for other tables (aggravating that). Also that was before TeapotXX or whatever his bloody name is tilted me on another table with some of the most odd play iv ever seen with KK, rivering trips (near nuts bar 35 or something) v my flopped trips and then MINRAISING me. This really got my blood boiling, the min-raise crew are so horrendously bad and lose so much value that is offends me when i see it. So i decided a little too late to log off even though i prolly still had an edge, i was timing out on tables because i couldnt type insults quick enough in the chat box. I think im going to go out of my way to bust people who check/min raise me on the turn or river from now on. They do my nuts in. Whats really funny is when they min rr you pre w AA, slowplay AAA on a rainbow dry non-threatening board and you hit the gutshot w 24o on the turn. That makes up for the annoyance and temporarily relieves the stress.

Iv decided to go for the BlueSQ $10k promotion. Basically theres a few ways to qualify for a STT in the Vic worth £500 and most hands raked over January @ nl100 or higher is one of the ways. Well they might aswell send that to me already then :)
Iv conservatively given myself a target of 150k hands for the month (ill be putting in long 1/2 sessions 16-tabling when i know my image is right for harvesting) but at the mo im having real fun with the 2/4 tables as the regs pool seems diluted at the mo and theres only a few i really rate. Overcoated seems solid and a couple of others but most are really spewy and either 3-bet too much and are really spewy or are like 17/9/3 nits who i just refuse to even entertain the idea of playing a non-premium hand with.

Ok, footy practice now and bar 1 stupid ciggie on a drunken New years eve im 6 weeks without a fag, including 2 trips to the Casino and 1 out shooting. Im pleased with myself and hopefully this should translate to more in the tank for those tricky Sunday league fixtures.


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