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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long time no update. Basically iv been a little letdown the past couple of weeks. Was really excited about a screen test for skypoker who are auditioning for new analysts and i was shortlisted (makes sense if you ever read jeeves account on blonde (skypoker- snalysis for fish by fish) ) but the produced called me to say its been postponed. Genuinely hope it has been and they arent copping me off as i think the team is great and the setup really good fun.

Playing a fair bit of lowstakes cash atm (whats new) and doing OK, started month brightly but been leaking a tonne last two weeks, prolly need a break to get back on track.

Played a load of mtts lately and remembered why i utterly hate them. Lost pot for the CL in the $200 fo in gukpt online festival with 88 v AA on 89Q board, obv he gets there. Then lost a humongous pot in the main event with a set v the nut flush draw for 2* 2nd places chips with 30 left. Utter bollocks. Havent had an mtt result in so long now. Might do a full report as there were lots of interesing hands, 2 versus lovejoy were very interesting in blind battles.

Oh, had a really fun one tonight too. 100r on bluesquirrel, i have 2* average stack and clash with 2nd in chips at table. A complete b@tfuck (french obviously) has been going loco. I open on the button w AK for 3*bb, he makes it 10* with about 35bb stack total. Now seriously v a good player i will occasionally give this up, even taking into account the button/blind etc stuff, purely because i am hammering the table on the bubble and can smash it up playing small ball. Actually thats a lie, i fold this less than 1% of the time, but the point is v this guy AK is the nuts. Pot is gonna be huge if we get it in, like CL atm has 67k with 32 left and pot will be more than 100k. Obv i jam, instacall from this muppet with KQ and Q is the doorcard. ONE TIME thats all i ask.

Qualified for Luton last week so hoping to play a fair few comps, with/without backing (probs need to sell a bit to cover exs- not rolled for £500 events)so let me know if ur interested, will probs be selling action @ 1.2 as im pretty sure my blind grandma has a 20% edge on the fields in Luton and my day two record is good (cant close the deal for shit but im learning :).

Anyway, wanted to whine (nothing new there) and hope to see a few of you in Luton for drinking games and poker!


Blogger Rhubarb & Custard said...

its not just me that thinks these French players are a bunch of **!%wits then? ;)

11:37 AM  
Blogger reevio said...

Embrace them - they'll feed your family :)

4:01 PM  

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