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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ugh. Was playing so well at the beginning of the month, but seem to have lost my appetite for it at the moment. Playing really bad, stacking off way too light and generally being a tool. Just started leaking all over the fooking shop. I play a 28/24 game and after a while i stop getting all respect. Think i will probably play a very very tight game for a couple of weeks and cure a few ppl of calling.
Gonna play some live poker for a bit to sooth my brain tonight, need some practive before the fessy.

GUKPT online fessy has so far been a washout. Went out early on in the $200 FO on Monday. 5k chips. Limp, call a raise to 150 at the 50/100 level w 88. Flop 810Q v a prize donkey and cr him small hoping for a shove. He obliges and AA gets there on the river. A decent players edge in these things is absolutely huge. I saw a sick hand with Jen Mason yesterday v a guy that must have been two sandwiches short of a picnic, vul Jen.

Yesterday the $300 FO. Played a bit too loose early on, trying a risky float that got snapped off on the river instantly by an unknown. Wont be trying it on v him again for a while anyhow. Then bluffed red-dog, but he got his vengeance nicely. IMO bluesq need a timebank to aid with the tricky decisions, its all to bloody fast to think through a hand. Anyhow, he had bluffed me on the river wiht 9 high, and i didnt make the call with J high, so wp Tom. Got down to 3k (7k starting), then found some nice shove spots with a clean image and got back up to 7k. Then started warring with Romanello. He must have thought i was having a pop at him, but he was very active and i rr him first with AQs, then with QQ and he folds both times. He then min raise opens utg+1 to 600, i make it 1800, he makes it 3600 and im considering passing AK lol. In reality though i know he's trying to fuck with my head and portray a monster when weak, so i jam. He calls w 66 and holds for a 19k top5 chips pot. Sigh.

Seriously hope i run good in the ME, need some inspiration, my cash game form is dire atm. ppl calling cbets with underpairs and hitting sets happening every 10 hands it feels like. Ok, off to Luton now, cya.


Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

No time bank and lack of antes are my biggest negatives for the whole ipoker network but the games are super soft so it make up for it!

11:35 AM  

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