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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bla bla bla, yeah i know i havent updated in ages, been kinda busy with different bits and pieces and more importantly, excessively lazy of late. This hand pissed me off so decided to get posting...

***** Hand History for Game 480227133 *****
$500.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, February 10, 03:10:33 ET 2009
Table Nitrogen 144 (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Seat 1: JammyJenny ( $592.80 USD )
Seat 2: GreatGreek ( $649.55 USD )
Seat 3: Samanthas T ( $310.55 USD )
Seat 4: oversleep ( $542.75 USD )
oversleep posts small blind [$2.50 USD].
JammyJenny posts big blind [$5.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to JammyJenny [ Kd Kh ]
GreatGreek folds
Samanthas T raises [$10.00 USD]
oversleep folds
JammyJenny raises [$27.00 USD]
Samanthas T calls [$22.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ Tc, 6h, 5c ]
JammyJenny bets [$50.00 USD]
Samanthas T calls [$50.00 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2d ]
JammyJenny bets [$100.00 USD]
Samanthas T raises [$228.55 USD]
JammyJenny calls [$128.55 USD]
JammyJenny shows [Kd, Kh ]
Samanthas T shows [Th, Ah ]
** Dealing River ** [ Ts ]
Samanthas T wins $621.60 USD from main pot

Anyway, gonna do a long post now, degenerate readers (esp sharplea, bump me boyo!) fear not i will be trying my best to write more bullshit in the coming months. This spiel is gonna be mainly poker, next spiel is gonna be a life/fun post with some photos of my new place.....

OK, online first, then a complete dtd trip report as it was a really fun comp until i got tired. As you can see from my betfair graph at the top, this year badbeat cash games have started a little slow, i havent played as much as i would have liked but its ok so far. A bit frustrated im underperforming by about 30%, but im cutting down tables hard now (5 at absolute maximum) and it takes a little more adjusting. Still intend on playing 200nl for the most part, but feel like im wasting my time a little. Still, this year its about paying for the housework and a vegas trip and maybe next year we can do something a bit more risky :)

Feel my game is still improving, i am tilting a little at times but generally thats because of instability/ arguments at home which ruins my mindset. Hopefully thats gonna calm down. Im playing a 30/25/3 game now, with a frankly out of line 9% 3b percentage, but because im so table and ESPECIALLY seat selective, it doesnt matter. Watched some interesting vids lately which highlighted some of the finer points of table/seat selection and pissed me off a bit. Its like everyone is sharing all the best tricks, trying their hardest to fleece the fish fastest. Is this knowledge sharing ultimately sustainable? I dunno.

DTD trip report. This is gonna be virtually hand by hand analysis, so book in a spare 10 mins to enjoy it, coz drifting through will just bore you to death. Ok, so i decide last minute to go dtd for their monthly thing. 1st time iv been there and i was impressed. I met up with the blonde juniors, knave, trigg, mondo, rooks, dunk and co, and also saw a good mate of mine, grumpy garnham, doesnt get to luton much anymore but still loves his poker. Swapped 5% w trigg pre (he runs good for me) and 5% w my prodigy monatoo, who's game has come on a tonne, he just needs to remind himself to abuse situations :) ! Once that was done, it was a quick pint and then off to my table.

Starting table looked pretty good. I only recognised Maria demitriou at first, but given i was two to her left i felt i probs held the keys. Also noticed some lad down the end who revealed himself to be tom rutter, stuarts bro. 3 to my left i figured he could be a problem. Apart from that, couple of old guys, then, later, Lawrence gosney arrives on my direct right. Early on i go out of my way to get involved, playing a high % of pots. Got 3b early by tom when he was on the button, but i figured he would only really want to clash when he had position and control plus a hand, as the table was pretty soft. I played some small pots, then maria limps button on my bb and i raise JJ. Flop is K42r and it checks check, turn is a 10 and i check call, river check check and the lady has KQ. Lawrence now arrives, and i am forced to show a biggish bluff versus a guy down the end. I raise the cutoff after 2 limpers, he calls and flop is 44s8s. He donks and the others fold. I had 56 no spade but figure his donkbet range is an 8 or fd. Turn is a King and he bets weakly again, i should have raised but flatted narrowing him down to exactly a fd. River was a Jack and he check calls my bet with A8o. This hand combined with having to showdown some junk, including a pretty thin vbet with 55 on a JJ492 board when tom called me with A4 meant i was viewed as out of line pretty early.

1st big pot, lawrence openlimps co, i raise KK otb. Flop Aj4r. Check check. Turn 10s putting 2 tone board. I bet 800, lawrence makes it 2k. Given his rep and the fact he can never have a hand apart from some weird draw forces me to call. River is a 2 and he bets 2.5k with 2k back. He nearly makes me fold with some ridic calm speech play but im not folding to him ever and he shows Q6o. I then get a fun hand, i open 82s in mp and this oldish greek guy (who was a bit tez) calls. Flop is ok, 8s7s6 and i bet flop big. He calls, turn is another 6. I bet again and he calls. K River i c/c and he is unimpressed but mucks. I open next utg with AQo and get 3b big by some oldish spewy guy two to my left, all folded round, dont really think he has a hand and shove, he timebank folds. Up to about 16k now. Next pot i play was with a youngish asian guy (who studied physics at warwick uni and was hoping for a 2:1...got to get in his head yo) defends his bb when i open J10o. Flop 478c and he check calls. Jc on the turn and he CR shoves on me, i snap him as he bet really oddly and he has a big draw, 69cc or something, and gets there on the riv, knocking me back down to 10k.

Soon after i find 22 in the SB after multiple limps. I run like god and a Kd9d2s board drops. checked round and the turn is a 4s. I check, utg pumps 2k, some tight guy calls, and i shove from the sb. They both timebank, the first folding AJ but the second calling with AQo and dead. Up to 25k and working just before the break.

After the break i get involved in a couple of pots, including one that got me paid pretty well. I open 107d after 2 limpers and the bb and one limper call. The BB caught me bluffing twice but seemed pretty weaktight, obv a huge mark as i thought i could make some big pots then make him fold. Flop was 9h6hJd and i bet with a view to a multistreet bluff on good barrel cards or giving up if it went badly. Turn was a 2h and i checked it back, as he will let me know his hand strength on the river. River i bink an 8 and he check calls a big bet and looks a little sick when he sees my junk. I won a few more, knocking out lawrence after flopping bottom two on a 468 board (raised pre obv) and then played a pot with maria. I raised marias bb w 22 in ep and flop another set lol J102 board and i bet, maria goes to raise, then just calls.... holy fk we are getting PAID! Turn is a pretty annoying scarecard, the 8 and she check calls again. River is a fking disgusting 9 and we check it down and im a little annoyed to see J10. Anyway, i was up to about 50k when the average was 17k so good so far.

Then comes the first hiccup. I open AKss utg and Tommy on my left calls 800. Tom rutter now makes 800 3600 @ 150/300 and its folded to me. He's playing about 23k and i hate all my options. I eventually shove (trying to get him to fold JJ/QQ) and he puts it in my eye with AA. I hate flatting oop there v a decent player and i think folding is bad, but in hindsight i should perhaps have just mucked it. I lose it a little here, dwindling to 20k before having a crazy luton local come to my right and winning a few pots bullying him. I then get a christmas present, seeing a 5s58s board with 57 and the utg limper calling me allin with JJ. GG tommy. This got me operable again, above average. The table dynamic now changed horribly, with dave jones (leknave), Trickett and Paul Lammas joining. I wasnt too bothered about Paul as he plays a fairly tight solid game, but really didnt relish sam and dave messing up my party. I tightened up for the next hour before the table broke.

My next table was fantastic. Possibly the softest table iv played live in a couple of years. So much open limping, donk betting, terrible poker i was laughing inside and out loud a fair bit. Fisrt hand i play, im in the BB. The board comes 844 (i have 29) and one of the open limpers bets 1/2 pot. Called by another middle aged guy and i float oop, hoping to get away with a proper lol lets rep it line. Didnt know the table so obv i giveup if it gets checked on the turn but nono, the guy bets again on the K turn, with the caller in again. I now make a really grubby checkraise, making 1200 2800 and get called by the bettor. The river is a brick and i bet 5k, shipit. Now back up to 40k i felt good, but i got bluffed by this guy with about 100k twice.
On one occasion an absent BB and 3 limpers made me raise Ac10 4X on the button, then this seemingly nice cockney with beard on my left started going on about me raising all the time and i seriously thought if he 3bets im shoving. Anyhow, he folded, and bigchips utg limper (i know, lololololol) called. Flop was QcJc4 and he donked 5k into 5k and made a bad bad call (playing 40) hoping to outplay him later. Didnt work as he smashed the 8 turn and i was duly shown K9o (in my eye again). I then grinded for about 4 hours, staying ahead of the curve. Then, 1 level left, it went tits up. Couple of limpers, new internet guy raises biggish in the hijack (6k @ 600/1200), i 3bet big with JJ to 18k and the bb cold 4b shoves. FUCK MY LIFE. But obv im not folding, just hoping he has that ace and king combination thats the only hand i beat :) He doesnt, he has QQ and im crippled, losing a 70k pot. Dealer leaves me with 5k (ffs let me die gracefully, i was walking out the door.....) and i obv open shove atc 4 times on the trot. I then get called and crack AA with QJ, getting back up to 26k with average at 34k. There was no way i was coming back the next day with 26k, (i have learnt that i simply cannot operate well with a shortstack so go out of my way in an effort to play to my strengths) so was looking to get involved in pressure spots. Which is probably why i opened 102o 8k utg, just felt doyle was on my shoulder...., the flop came pretty good, K72 and i open shoved into 1 caller. It would have got through aswell, but i couldnt help myself from fking talking when he started quizzing me. I seriously have lost so much fking money from talking to good players, who invariably fold or call perfectly once they hear my voice. No MORE. from now on, in big pots, im not talking AT ALL. He called me with 55 and went on to come 4th for 10k, i went home.


Blogger Dom said...

Nice entry alex. Wish i had your recollection of hands.

Hopefully see you in walsall mate.

Also can you link me up?


6:26 AM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Welcome back
good post. Nice insight into a live game.
gl gl

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you back posting again.

Any chance of an article for Inside Poker about seat and table selection???

1:02 PM  

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