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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Havent posted for a while, been busy. Went to thanet, an island dont you know, even though i drove directly form london and dont recall oging over a single bridge but meh. Sold a chunk to the flushy track where im pretty sure im gonna be downgraded from oats to acorns due to 0/3 events. Ill give a full report as iv always wanted to do one and the 500nl game on betfair are sooooo bad atm. Cannot be arsed to be grammatically correct as iv just been spellchecking stuff for insidepoker and PKR's stacked magazine and it jarrs me to waste time with the mundane things in life. I apologise in advance for anything bad i say about anyone, but i want to say it as i saw it.

So Thanet, 1.2h drive away and v pleasant in my cobweb-infested saxo, doing a tasty 110 in bright sunshine. Did a bit of a naughty and stayed up till 4am night b4 as games were for once OK. Casino is big, like all the G's and actually looked to be run really well, with decent service and all the little details (things like the toiltets being super-clean, barmaids not hanging around for tips etc) were all good. These things please me so i was kinda excited from the off. Also having had flushy, dubai and jp stake me obv gives the confidence a boost, i talk a good tournament game........
Actually got in as an alternate 1 minute late despite being in the joint at 1pm. thats organisation for you. Table was pretty ugly looking, with Woody Deck and that crazy middle-eastern looking 50yo guy that came close to a bracelet on my table. Had flanders and some guy wearing a celebpoker t-shirt too, who were (sorry) obviously the marks from my perspective. Couple of weaktight middle-aged guys and we were in business. Played quiet for about 30 mins just gauging table when it became clear eastern guy that came close to a bracelet was a donkey, like properly fundamentally terrible. So obv i want to get involved. Guy raises in MP to 4X @ 25/50 and i defend Ah9o, purely with the intention of letting him inflate the pot so i can bet big on turn/river. Flop is something good like J9h7h. I check/raise his cbet from 400 to 1k, as i have pretty much the nuts v him. He snaps without thought. The turn is a 10h. In hindsight i shd probs CR again v this numpty but i barrel and he shoves. LOL. So much for that plan. He shows a 10s after i pass. outplayed again fml. I then proceed to watch woody flop sets 2 times in 15 minutes and (no lie) play them pretty shitly the 1st time v a nit and terribly the second. I nick a few more w cbet, boring stuff to get back to 10k then table breaks.

New table looks yummy! no-one i recognise! no-one i know! weeeeeeeeee. I elect for sitting back and building a little image at 1st, as im on table 5 so wont be broken for ages. Celebpoker guy has moved to my table and by now i realise hes not bad at all, infact hes pretty decent. Do have a couple of eggs on my table and a couple of weak-tights but the rest seem abc tag, which i figure will be nice and fun to play with. I pootle around for a bit before getting involved. I raise A8o from the co with 1 limper. BB calls and limper folds. Wasnt too bothered as bb defended a whole heap. Flop of 235 and BB donks into me, playing 7k with 800 in the pot, he bets like 550. Im playing 9k and raise to 1500. He folds. We rinse and repeat the almost exact same hand the next time its his BB and i have K10 on a 679 board. Image getting a little naughty when i suddenly turn into a card-rack in level 5. I raise twice v limpers and get one through and get c/r'd and have to fold the second time.

Then find AA v celebpokers utg+1 open. We have played half a dozen already where he showed a bluff and i returned the favour later (but didnt show) and he has been fairly reckless, letting pots get too big oop and tending to valuetown himself, luckily he's been getting away with it coz ppl are viewing him as recklessly aggro and calling him light, adjusting improperly. Im on button and flat when its folded round. Flop 226 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. He bets out on the flop and i calls. The turn is a Jack and he re-checks his hole cards and check/raises me from 1800 to 4200 playing 17k effectives. I flat as i have this locked and i really really want him to fire a huge bluff on the river. He should be able to do this as i reason he should have an idea what most live players ranges are now. Anyway the river brings a 2 (yeah yeah i know, run good much etc etc) and he checks. Sigh, fml, he was bluffing etc etc. Anyway i go for 1/2 pot and he time-down folds saving face etcetc. This gets me going a bit.

Then steal a little, get it in my eye a bit more when two new guys arrive, in the form of Jamie Brown and Ian Woodley. Ian is a complete cock at the table imo and i have a lot of banter with him, usually is degenerates but that day he was O.K. I like him off the table but hes a twat on it, guess it works for him though. Jamie brown sits down and immediately im glad hes two to my right. Boy has a bit of class about him and was fairly pleasant, between him, my little welsh mate (totally forgot ur name m8 but u were quality) and the guy two to my right who i played with the entire time (sorry forgot ur name too but vwp son) we had a nice bit of banter. Two to my right were fairly abc (v me anyway! dirty bluff w Q8s m8, ill remember that!) and didnt get out of line at all. Which basically meant i was letting jamie abuse his mp/lp opens for a while. Then i get kings like a true live nit. Luckily my image was active and i think he knew i was a dodgy fukr coz i 3b KK on the button (24k eff) and he min 4bets me from like 2.4 to 5.2. Not entirely sure why but i shoved after some thought. Baaad play but i thought at the time he had to have a pretty big hand. This got me over 30k for the 1st time. I then knock out two shortstacked players in quick succession, with AA v JJ and JJ v 1010 aipf. I squeeze Q8s after celebpoker opens and both tight guys flat, which gets through. Now on 45.

Then i witness the sickest hand iv seen in a while, Ian woodley (26k) opens in late position, welsh kid who has played super tight and really well the whole time repops playing 16k to about 3500 from woodleys 1100 open. Woodley calls. Flop is J42h. Kid checks, woodley bets 5k, kid jams remaining stack (approx 8k). Woodley obv has nothing and talks on and on for ages. "Iv got nothing at the moment but ur in trouble, iv got you surrounded, backdoor everything" deffo the best line iv heard from him at the poker table :) He then calls with K10hh with no pair no draw and spikes a king on the river. Sickening. Obv i abuse him a lot and really want to get involved w him as we are both pretty deep, lack of position doesnt matter too much as he is spew.

Next hand he small raise my bb. I defend HU w K9s. Flop K4c5c, i check call 1k into 1.6. Turn is Qs and we check check. River is a 9 and i go for a 2.4k vbet. He pretty much insta raises shoving a load of purples, not sure but a biggish overbet. Doenst really addup that much, looks like nuts or air and obv i call to be told J high. Jamie then tells me he thought i would have snapped, sigh, feel like a legend to be told im a noob :)

Little later and a 40yo woman dressed to the 9's w fake tan and loads of jewellery sits down. ty lord. She min reraises my button open in the BB and obv i have to call w K9s as her range is so sexily defined, even if her figure is not. I call and continue to run like god, flopping KK8. she check calls me 2 streets and sighs and i peak in uncontollable sexiness at 75k, cl at the time w 50 left i think. Q table breaks. I have a much tougher table for the 1st time in the day, w penly, grech, lawrence and couple of other faces, in addition to paul mcintyre (slightly crazy madman, picks up KK 6 times in 2 orbits then runs the biggest bluff of the day v penly and gets it through) and my mate from 2nd table.

I make a few bad-timed moves/ get ppl hit v me (riverdave u fish) when most difficult hand comes for me given timing/ other stuff. Iv been relatively quiet then get outplayed by joanna who crushes me by shoving a couple of times. Then i find AKs utg+1 after joanna limps. Now jonathan Gale who has just won a huge pot and has about 90k 3bets me from 3600 to 10k. Im playing 60k at start of hand. All folded round and this is a toughie. 30 mins left on day 1 clock and i feel he is making a play at me, but we have no history and my image is cleanish. I shd probs fold as im gonna have to c/f near 60% of flops. But i call like a tard and check/fold a 1063 board. Then dwincle a little and get it in my eye to finish with 44k ish, plenty for day two.

Arrive late on day two, by about 45mins. wp alex. must stop drinking. feel pretty good though, even if i look rough. Table is tough, i get jiggy with liv boeree on one hand but the rest of the time i get priced into ugly calls Q10 v JJ of shorty/ get it stuck in my eye by Praz/Jamie/ glasses man or just have to giveup on wet boards where i cant cbet oop. Dwindle to 24k when Jamie opens utg and i shove AK, he calls and his 22 hits a set, K on the river too little too late. Ah well, had a good run. Getting a little frustrating now though. played 9 of these now, made day two 8 times but havent cashed once, what am i doing wrong? not sure, should probs have asked nick "run like god" persaud when he was pished, nvmind, ill try again soon.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Coming to Blackpool m8?

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it boggles my mind that you (and others) can get bought into a decent sized tournament, make it to day 2 and not think it might be a good idea to stay sober the night before & get a decent night's sleep to be in top condition for the big day ahead.

what did your backers think about you missing the start of day 2 & losing however much in blinds & antes? i know if it were me that had invested my $$$, you wouldn't be getting backed again.

fat afghan

10:44 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

fat afghan i entirely agree. I really do need to grow up a bit for sure, and am certainly trying. I dont hide behind any ideals though pal, i know my faults. FWIW my backers know the type of person i am and realise that there is a decent risk i will get pished the night before simply because thats what i do when on tour. I dont intentionally do it, just when i get relaxed bad alex comes out.

paul, doubt it, want to do dtd and deepstack + get the house finished. gl and nice results!

10:56 AM  
Blogger reevio said...

Best thing you've ever written:

"She min reraises my button open in the BB and obv i have to call w K9s as her range is so sexily defined, even if her figure is not."


3:32 PM  

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