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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally got there, i played 2 tournaments last night. Bubbled the final table in 1 and bubbled the money in the other, BUT i played as perfect a game as i am capable of playing for well over 4 1/2 hours in each. Really feeling good about my poker as the moment, bankroll has bounced back (although not the right way i might add, i was playing in SnG's too big for my bankroll). When i really focus on the table and specifically what i want my bet to achieve i am getting incredible results. I have 2 new plays that (some of) you may want to try out. The 1st is re-raising the raiser for nearly all his chips when you are very close to the final table. Try this when you have a big stack and nearly any 2 cards will do if he is a medium and there are a few shorties around. If the final table has REAL prize money, he folds huge cards here if you have bracketed him a weak/tigth player. IT REALLY WORKS. Obv be sensible about the other ppl stil in the pot, best done when you are the only onther in the pot in the BB.
On another note, i have a new anacronym, CLDS. All chip leaders turn into donkeys after a while. Raise their BB from the backside all-in with A10 or above and you'll be suprised how often they call with Arag.
Had a fun time last night. Played my a-game in 5 tournies and won 2 SnG's, got a kinda bad beat (9 outer) in another to end up 4th and second in another. Came 10/177 in a freezeout and 39th in a rebuy comp out of 350 or so. Just need those Aces to hold up for once.


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