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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Been thinking a lot about my start date.Sunday the 26th November looks like the date as my contract finishes on the 22nd. Ill have a couple of nights on the piss and then get cracking with the Sunday majors.

Also been looking at how to capitalise on the american market crash. With party running for the hills it looks like ill be having a stab at the MTT's on either Stars/Bodog or fulltilt, as these are the most likely fish refuges. I guess ill be putting in biggish deposits onto Fulltilt and Bodog, primarily because the standard of play on Stars is good to excellent. But ill only be playing on the yank sites on weekends and monday mornings. My weeks will run according to a schedule and im definitely going to allocate myself hours and a regular wage. As i still live with the folks ill continue paying a paltry rent and i have few outgoings (which is why i can risk giving this a shot anyways)- I have it pretty cushtie.

UK Thursday and Friday evenings are going to be real sessions for me, as thats when ill be playing cash due to the abundance of drunk tired players. On other evenings ill be playing the small majors on Tribeca (20k, 15k, $200 FO, 5k) and $100/$200 SnG's on the same network. I have the bankroll for the $200's but the fields in the $100's are so much weaker- and i like the relaxed way i play when i dont care about the stake- $200 seems like a lot for a SnG to me.

Im also going to be doing some occasional days labouring and a few days here and there out beating on the shoots near me- just to give variety and maintain interest. Ill be going to the gym 5 times a week from the start date and playing football 3 times a week. Its about time i jumped the final hurdle and got truly fit.

Will be seeing the missus much more and hopefully socialising (golfing/shooting/fishing) a fair amount more with all the extra time ill have. Not too sure about playing live. To be fair i do enjoy live play but there are important negative aspects....

a) Its a hassle driving to places at night, then coming back knackered @ 3am in the driving rain on the M25. Pretty sure that shortens life expectancy.

b) Somehow encourages me to smoke, i gave up smoking a long time ago (only 23 mind) but playing cards makes me want to light up.

c) More expensive as you incur more bills/expenses and also your time spent making money is reduced because of travel.

Ill probably treat myself once in a while after a good week.

Been going over the details of my new desktop online. Getting a new top spec comp with a 24inch flatscreen, also getting the broadband hardline set up in the room next week, no unreliable wireless shit. Im forking out a lot of cash (£800) and am hoping it will pay for itself quickly.

Only other highlight is a Week off starting on Friday :)

Really excited about the Competition and im gonna play my abc game. I have been criticised (jokingly) by freinds for playing too tight, but thats just because thats how i play medium/big stacks in MTT's. Iv learnt that big stacks can be ironed out real quick with reckless plays and they need to be protected. Ill keep my occasional bluffs/moves to just that, occasional and im aiming to maintain 150% focus until i get rivered- no ipod/magazines for me.

Im hoping the Artist will be accompanying me and ill be hooking up with Mr.Gray for a cheeky one pint or 20 when the dust has settled.

How to play QQ in a cash game....Ill Definitely talk about this later this week.

gl all, Alex.



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