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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Always the way. Followed up a good session with 2 shockers that have left me speechless. No outdraws, just my own poor play. Got fked for 2 buy-ins with set over set in about 20 minutes. Then on the 1 table i had a big stack on i get KK preflop. A player with $800 infront of him (which means he's prolly good as max buy-in is 400) limps, i raise to $20 on the button, he re-pops it 60. I call telling myself i need a king on the flop. Flop comes junk. He bets 1/2 the pot, i go all-in, he types "have you got a set". I now realise i really really am fked here and that he has AA. So i type "call and find out" hoping to put him off. He calls after a few more moments, i dont get uber lucky and thats that. Run the second nuts into the nuts a couple of times more and that'll be £2k gone in 2 days. Marvellous.
Its at times like this i think i really have no real edge in these fking games at all. Seriously considering going back to the SnG's. Trouble is the $200 take ages to fill on VC and even the $100's take a lifetime. Does this mean i might be leaving for Pokerstars. Maybe.

So now iv got a weekend lined up that involves being a total ass and set-mining my bankroll back up before the Sunday mojors and a satellite to the Irish Open. Might go to luton this Saturday, i think i could lay down KK preflop v the right player live.

So, all in all, downbeat, downcast and needing a lift. Would be nice to win an MTT.

Great start to 2007.


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