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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just come back from a heavy drinking binge with some old mates. Was nice to catch up. Donked out of the 20k when AK met AQ on a J103 board and i was kinda pot commited after a shortie called all-in preflop.
Left my kid brother in chare of my other minor comps and he did well, winning me two chips and being unlucky late on in the 5k gtd. As i was getting changed i saw him get turned over with KK v's 2 mugs with A10, seeing the flop come A1010 was kinda emphatic. Later on he told me he got turned over in a AK v AJ fiasco. Beginning to think variance doesnt like my isdn number alot.

Next week got the £100 FO at the Vic on Monday and a £200 freezeout at Luton on Wednesday. After those donations ill be having a well earned break from poker in the alps.

But 1st, the small matter of the Sunday biggies. The $200 UB Sunday major will get played, along with the 60k gtd, i might play the party million but ill see how im feeling. The field is MAHUSIVE and it really is a test of stamina as much as anything else.

Good to see James "flushy" Dempsey is still in in the Bolton GUKPT and i hope the lad does well.


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