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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ok so its 5.38am uk time and im getting up for a spot of hard graft today ripping out a bathroom. Should be fun.
On the poker front i went to bed last night thinking deeply about the long-term profitability of cash games.....and the fact that i think my game is unsustainable from time to time. My best results come when i sit down ready for a very long session. My worst come after a long night of tournament poker (session 2 of a normal night). It really is sad that some nights i go to bed wondering how i literally bled money.
So for the next 2 weeks im gonna drop a level on the cash to 1/2NL and play a whole heap more MTT's/SnG's.
MTT's have always been my first love and im going to get back into them with a vengeance. Ill be withdawing a bit today to fund a couple of live satellites to the GUKPT and we shall see how it goes.

I instantly feel happier.

Going to play Luton this Saturday for their £10 rookie night and try to rekindle the "fun" element of poker whilst introducing a young gun who has caught the bug to the game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just been reading the posts from Feb/March of last year. How things have changed. My best result then was beating you 4 zip in the heads up challenge for £40. You were writing about grinding for three hours in the micro cash games to turn $20 into $40. lol how things have changed.
See you tomorrow you can have 10% of me for £40 in tomorrows tourney if you like, now that's value.

All the best

10:54 AM  

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