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Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday's Session

Warning, serious bad beat stories. Bugger off now if you dont want to listen.
Ok, now this was another sickeningly frustrating evening where i coulnt get going in most of my tournies.

In the Tribeca $20k gtd. This was the only comp where i was legitimately eliminated. 1010 v KK was no good when i was short stacked, fair enough.

Tribeca $50k. 43/818. Made the money (like that matters). Lost a biggish pot with J10 v Q4 on a board of 4J8. In a BB v SB confontation he makes a move, i call, he rivers a Q.
Then later on i make a move with 92s and beat a guys A8 (only bit of fortune the entire night), but i was a full 40% so who gives a shit.
I get 0 hands for forever, then i get KK and get to 100k with average 60k. Table is absolutely loopy and i cant steal. I then find QJs and face a button raise form a player on 70k. He raises to 20k, i reraise all-in. He insta calls with K9 and i get no help. Not sure if his play is genius but i think its toss. He is ONLY beating a bluff and calling for his last chips. He is getting a price but he stil has a stack if he folds. Maybe im wrong.
So im down to 25k blinds go to 5/10k with 45 left i decide to shove with KQ. Guy re-raises to protect with 55? Great play, champion worthy. 5 on flop and im out. Really annoyed as i felt it was my night.

$5k $12 rebuy. 1010 v K9 on a 9 high flop for the chip lead. K on river. Great.

$24 FO. Holding 99 i cal a raise from early position raiser. Flop comes 678. He bets (looks like a weak continuation bet) i raise, he goes all-in. I think about it and make the call. He has AKo, turn A. Then he tells me im a fish for calling with nines. I ask him where he lives.

$15k GTD. 2 shockers. I get CL early on. Up to 20k average is 5k. Then i raise with AA. 1 caller on 10k. Flop comes AKJ. He check raises me all-in. I think about it, but i dont think he has Q10. I call, he has K10, and duly hits a Q on the turn.
Later on i get AA again (hate this fking hand). I raise big preflop. Same caller. Flop comes KJ9. He checks, i overbet the pot by *2 for 15k into 9k pot. He waits, then calls with AJ. Turn J.

Irish open Supersatellite. $200 rebuy. Get a really nice stack of 14k. 70 players left and 8 $6500seats. Im in 8th position so feeling happy. Steal a few blinds here and there. Then i get 88 and raise from the hijack 3*BB. BB goes all-in for 7k more. I think about it for a long time. Im getting an ok price and i think he thinks iv been at it. I call. He has 77, flops a 7. 20k pot goes his way. From here i think im on my way to ireland as would have been CL.

On nights like this i feel so sapped. How can i continue to get the money in as a fav then consistenly get beaten by TOTAL mugs. 77 guy immediately says i shouldnt call. Fuck off, give me a 18.8% luckbox outdraw then the rub down.

On the plus side i am outplaying 95% of the players in these comps now. And my feel is really good. Laid down Queens after a re--raise form a good player and he showed me AA.

Got check raised by a strong tight player and laid down 1010 on a bord of 892.

Sooner or late rim gonna get going.

But for now ill have to keep grinding like a mug. Sundays are always so toss.

Iv got this pokerface satelite coming up soon but need a win this week if im going to make it to Bolton for the GUKPT. Really want to play the Main event as im feeling really strong.


Blogger reevio said...

No hurry for Bolton mate, there are plenty of others left this year.

Not a good mindset to be in thinking that you want to win $x by the end of the week(trust me ;) ). Just keep plodding along and the cash will come.

Good luck.

12:35 PM  

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